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John Tory is re-elected as Mayor of Toronto
By Cassandra Turco, Katia Sist and Sarah Larke John Tory has won the mayoral race of Toronto’s municipal election by a landslide. “Building on the foundations of the last four years, over the next four years my goal is to make sure no one, anywhere in our city, feels... Read more
Tory wins second mayoral term in a landslide sweep of Keesmaat
By Alex Figliomeni, Lucas Laporta and Clement Goh After a much anticipated announcement, John Tory has been re-elected in the 2018 Toronto mayoral election. Jennifer Keesmaat arrived at her venue and was greeted by a long round of applause. The atmosphere was a vibrant and loud crowd as they chanted Keesmaat’s... Read more
John Tory’s first 100 days as mayor
Courtesy: Wikicommons John Tory’s first 100 days as mayor of Toronto have been marked by a flurry of activity. First elected mayor on October 27, Tory has become known for his unprecedented announcements at City Hall, and as a politician he focuses on outworking those around him. His days begin... Read more
John Tory was elected as the new mayor of Toronto almost a month ago. Because of his victory, Tory’s ‘SmartTrack’ plan to build a new Regional Express Rail (RER) surface subway line is a go. Mayoral candidate, Ari Goldkind, shared his thoughts on the plan. While he supports SmartTrack and knows Tory has the experience to put it together, Goldkind has concerns of the plan’s costs and routing and says his transit plan, ‘More Than a Map’ is better for the city. Read more
Brampton’s mayoral candidates discuss campaign objectives
Filmed and edited by Emma Schatochin and Camille Teape Linda Jeffrey is a former MPP who was once a council member for Brampton, she wishes to return as the city’s mayor. As a well-known city local, John Sanderson is a former business owner and Brampton city councillor. He is responsible... Read more
Tory has been elected Toronto’s next mayor
John Tory has been elected as Toronto's 65th Mayor. Read more
Emma Schatochin reports from Twentieth Street Junior School, a polling station in Etobicoke’s ward 6, to speak with voters about who they see fit as Toronto’s mayor and why they believe it is important for everyone to hit the polls.   Read more
Humber grad in Mississauga mayoral race
Scott E.W. Chapman may be young, but he is not inexperienced.  With little political background, Chapman says he still has a lot to offer as a mayoral candidate for the Mississauga election.  As a recent graduate from Humber College, he understands student debt and the fight to finding a good... Read more
Up to this point in the Toronto mayoral race, subway expansion has taken the spotlight for improving the city’s infrastructure. Although the transit system is in need for improvement, experts in Civil Engineering say water infrastructure and infrastructure investment are issues that should be addressed more by mayoral candidates during the election. Read more