Etobicoke citizens on alert for Coronavirus
Coronavirus has been spreading rapidly throughout China. Nearly 450 people have been infected nationwide, with total deaths rising to at least 17, as the mystery disease continues to spread. Three possible cases of coronavirus were ruled out by Canada’s chief public health officer on Monday, Jan. 20. What unnerves... Read more
China steps up prevention of new coronavirus pneumonia
SEATTLE, Wash. (REUTERS) –A Washington state man who recently traveled to China has been diagnosed with the coronavirus, becoming the first confirmed U.S. case of the newly identified illness that has killed  17 people in China and sickened some 400 others across Asia. In Canada, steps have been taken... Read more
Celebrating the low-carb life at a keto diet event
The keto-friendly products filled up bags of many who attended the Etobicoke Low-Carb Keto Living Fair at the Assembly Hall on Saturday, Jan. 18. The event gathered many vendors that sell keto, keto-friendly and keto-related products. Among them, there were bakery products like cakes, cupcakes, biscuits, and bread. Other... Read more
I deleted social media and here’s how the world changed
By: Sierra Guido Opinion, for Skedline It’s been two weeks since I bit the bullet and clicked the tiny red ‘X’ on each social media app that my phone became a palace for. Instagram and Snapchat, gone. If I told you it was the worst decision I’ve ever made,... Read more
Keto on campus: Lakeshore cafeteria guide
by Breanne Coulter (Disclaimer: I am a journalist, not a doctor. This guide is based on research within the Keto community and nutritional facts. Be safe!) The ketogenic diet (keto) is the biggest new diet to hit social media. Keto is everywhere, from blogs to books to food products.... Read more
Feeling shaky: mood disorders and you
Written by Joey Chini and Brandon Burnett Being a student is stressful. Between getting to class on time, keeping up with the readings, handing in assignments by the due date, studying for exams, taking exams, finding an internship, working a job, paying off debt, and finding time to socialize... Read more
Humber offers students flu shots to combat annual illnesses
It isn’t uncommon for people to get sick this time of year as the weather dips and then rises closer to spring.  As germs spread from person-to-person it’s hard to ignore the sniffles and coughs that come with cold and flu season, which is why it is important students... Read more
Keeping track of your mental health as you prepare for final exams
The end of the reading week is bringing deadlines for final projects closer and exam week is around the corner. Keeping track of their mental health and preparing both mentally and physically for the weeks ahead can help students succeed during this busy time of the semester. Managing stress... Read more
Young and the poorly rested
By: Alex Arsenych and Tierney Angus The following article may be triggering for millennials who are always tired, bogged down by responsibilities that are a struggle to juggle and who feel guilty for complaining about the inability to complete the simple and menial tasks of “adulting.” If you are... Read more
Quitting time
By: Brandon Burnett and Joey Chini It’s been a month since Humber decided to “butt out” and ban smoking from its campuses, so why haven’t you quit yet? Yeah, you–the person with all of those assignments piling up. Yes, you–the one who hasn’t been getting any sleep. Yeah, I’m... Read more