Live Stream February 16, 2018
SkedLIVE for February 16, 2018, with your news host, Sophie Odgers. Read more
What’s up Toronto? This weekend’s hottest events
Looking to take a break from your Netflix hibernation? Finally have a weekend day off work? Then here’s your guide to some of Toronto’s most anticipated events for this weekend. Friday, February 16, 2018: #FNLROM: Looking to ponder some gorgeous artwork or break it down on the dancefloor? Why... Read more
Humber College’s study abroad opportunities: Claim your spot now
If you’re a Humber College student longing to travel but can’t take time off school to satisfy it, look no further than Humber’s international opportunities. Offering a variety of destinations and financial aid to help get you there, Humber’s got you! Read on to learn more about the International... Read more
Places to Eat on Lakeshore for Students on a Budget
Many students are often on a budget when attending college or university, but we still have to eat! Unfortunately, our only options tend to be fast food joints and pre-made sandwiches. So for all of the Humber students at Lakeshore, here is a list of restaurants close to campus... Read more
Five Things to do in Toronto for Family Day Weekend
Family Day is coming up and what better way to celebrate than with fun filled family activities in our town. Toronto is home to many great events, festivals, and fairs for all ages. This weekend especially is offering activities from plays and orchestras to sports. Here are five of... Read more
Virtual hoops at Humber: NBA2K video game tournament comes to campus
IGNITE, the student government at Humber College hosted its annual NBA2K video game tournament today at both the North and Lakeshore campuses. It was free for all students to participate in and open to all Humber and Guelph-Humber students. “We do tournaments every year,” says Kedesha Syblis, who is the... Read more
Valentine’s Day woes: why does it make us feel so overwhelmed?
Skedline reporter Gregory Philion digs into the mind of guys trying to understand the pressure that comes with Valentine’s Day. Does everyone believe in the holiday? And what is it about this day that makes palms sweaty, knees weak and arms heavy? Listen to the audio report below.  ... Read more
Elevator Awkwardness
Skedline reporter Robert Belardi tells us all about the awkwardness of riding in an elevator. Filmed and edited by Elena M. De Luigi and Coner Towle. Read more
The U.S. Faces Federal Budget Deficit of $1 Trillion
During Obama’s last year in office, the U.S. Federal deficit was $587 billion. Trump’s first year of presidency brought that number to $666 billion. It is now projected that the 2018 deficit could raise to $1 trillion, if not more as President Trump has proposed a $4 billion budget. Spending... Read more
Sports News Feb 12, 2018
Today’s Sports News for Monday, February 12th, 2018. Read more