Places to Eat on Lakeshore for Students on a Budget
Many students are often on a budget when attending college or university, but we still have to eat! Unfortunately, our only options tend to be fast food joints and pre-made sandwiches. So for all of the Humber students at Lakeshore, here is a list of restaurants close to campus... Read more
Five Things to do in Toronto for Family Day Weekend
Family Day is coming up and what better way to celebrate than with fun filled family activities in our town. Toronto is home to many great events, festivals, and fairs for all ages. This weekend especially is offering activities from plays and orchestras to sports. Here are five of... Read more
John Tory Raises Canadian Flag for 2018 Winter Olympic Games
John Tory raises Canadian flag in support of athletes in the 2018 Winter Olympics. Fans spoke about interest in certain olympic sports.  Remi Marchessault brings you the report. Read more
SkedNOW February 9
Zach Weiler brings you the top stories for today.  Check out our live cast at 2:30 pm. Read more
Transit activists gather at City Hall to protest Scarborough subway extension plan
By Remi Marchessault Protesters arrived at Toronto City Hall on Tuesday, December 5 dressed as white elephants calling for an investigation into the costs of Toronto’s Scarborough extension plan. Listen below for an audio report from the protest:   The call for the audit of the extension project was... Read more
TTC passes two-hour transfer policy giving more leeway to students
The Toronto Transit Commission passed a significant policy today, allowing a two-hour transfer when using PRESTO. The policy passed 6-1 during today’s public transit meeting at City Hall with Councillor John Campbell being the only to vote against the proposal. The TTC estimates that the new policy will add... Read more
Millennials on Canadian politics
Students fill the OSAP gap
For decades the Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP), originally CSLP, has been giving students the opportunity to attend post-secondary school thanks to financial aid. A third-year Humber College Criminal Justice student, Maggie Srouji, says she owes her education to them yet somehow OSAP still falls short for her. On... Read more
What millennials really think about Trudeau
It’s been a year and a half since young Canadian’s came out en masse to vote for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party. Millennials came out in droves to cast their ballots for the Liberals in 2015. A report by Abacus Data even goes so far as to... Read more
IGNITE’s election comes at a cost
Only 23 per cent of student’s voted in IGNITE’s 2017 election, but the entire student body paid for it. IGNITE, formerly known as the Humber Students’ Federation or HSF, budgeted $80,000 for the planning, promotion and execution of the 2017 student election, and $90,000 for the previous election in 2016. However,... Read more