News webcast Nov. 2
Sports Webcast Nov. 2
Aaron Ranson brings you the top sports headlines for Nov 2. Read more
Ombudsmen Office Receives over 1,000 Complaints from OCS Customers
Aaron Ranson, Ontario’s ombudsman, Paul Dube, has been up to his neck in complaints regarding the government-run Ontario Cannabis Store.   The ombudsman, who is a government official appointed to investigate complaints against maladministration, says his office has received more than 1000 complaints since the province’s online cannabis... Read more
Mother and son dead in Mississauga crash
By Aaron Ranson   A mother and her two-year-old son are dead after a car accident in Mississauga early Thursday morning.   Reports indicate that a Nissan was travelling eastbound on Burnhamthorpe Road shortly after 2 a.m. when it was struck by a Hyundai headed northbound on Mavis... Read more
News webcast Nov. 1
  Aaron Ranson with the top news headlines for Thursday, Nov 1. Read more
Canada Post rotating strikes not affecting Humber students
Etobicoke becomes Washington for Designated Survivor shoot
By Michael Ranger A large television production crew is gathered outside the Franklin Pharmacy in Washington D.C, a U.S. postal service mailbox sits out front. On most other days the “Franklin Pharmacy” is actually the Don Russell Pharmacy on Lakeshore Boulevard in Etobicoke. The U.S. mailbox is nowhere... Read more
Something Fishy in Etobicoke Creek
By Tierney Angus, Joey Chini and Breanne Coulter Lake Ontario’s reintroduced Atlantic salmon are stinking up the shoreline. Every fall, the salmon swim up Toronto’s creeks and rivers to spawn and then die. Read more
Halloween Costumes Spark Debate
By Justin Field The Halloween tradition of dressing up in costumes is age old, but has evolved to something different – characters rooted in culture When it comes to other people’s cultures, there could come a definite line between what is costume and what can be considered appropriation. Appropriation... Read more
New Bill Saves the Whales but Might Kill Marine Land
By Liam Harrington Everybody loves Marineland… or at least they used to until people starting saying the captivity of whales and dolphins is cruel. Now the Canadian government is pushing legislation to make the captivity of whales and dolphins illegal. It all started in 2015 when now-retired Senator Wilfred... Read more