News Webcast Nov. 6
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Sports Webcast Nov. 6
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It’s Good2Talk
College and university is a time when many students are affected by mental illness. According to the Mental Health Commission of Canada, 75% of first time diagnoses occur between the ages of 16-25. While therapy is an option that is proven to be beneficial in helping with mental health,... Read more
Suicide prevention workshop puts self-care before intervention.
Clement Goh Skedline Reporter The idea of self-care comes from working in crisis, with a risk of burnout coming from an overexposure to situations. For child abuse investigation and placement coordinator Paula Cordeiro, helpers have to be able to maintain themselves before preventing suicide. “I think that for people... Read more
Students divided by campus cannabis ban
By Justin Field and Liam Harrington Read more
Skedline Newscast – November 5, 2018
Skedline news host Giovanni Siciliano delivers the top news stories for Monday, Nov 5, 2018. Read more
White Elephant sale rocks at campus fundraiser
Skedline Reporter Fatima Baig and videographer Michelle Ramos attend the White Elephant Sale at Humber Lakeshore. The fundraiser sells gently used items from Humber’s Lost & Found to raise money for the United Way. Read more
Etobicoke Eats – Thrive Organic
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