5 Ideas for Galentine’s Day
Valentine’s Day only happens once a year, but don’t let being single put a damper on it for you. Here are five ideas for you and your gal-pals to celebrate the day! 1. Project Period North Medical Spa is hosting a Galentine’s Day event in spirit of the Period... Read more
Feb 12 – Weather Report
Here is today’s weather report for Feb 12. Read more
Local Burger joint Woody’s opens new chicken restaurant.
If you walk past 30th street you’ll notice new restaurants popping up here and there that paint a stark contrast to the local food scene only 10 years ago. With Fairgrounds café opening up around 8 years ago with the Empanada Company next door, Long Branch residents and foodies alike now... Read more
5 options to keep the headphone jack
Renders for Samsung’s Galaxy S9 and 9+have been leaked, since nothing in the phone industry ever seems to stay secret. But much to the surprise – and relief – of many, it seems to retain the increasingly-elusive headphone jack. Companies tend to have a list of reason why they’re... Read more
Daily daydream: this Glasshouse in Australia will beat your winter blues
As Toronto is about to face a massive blizzard, some sources are saying at least ten centimetres, let’s escape for a minute to the Glasshouse from Australian based Sarah Waller Architecture.  Of course, this is all a daydream. Located in Doonan, Australia in the Sunshine Coast this minimal mid-century... Read more
John Tory Raises Canadian Flag for 2018 Winter Olympic Games
John Tory raises Canadian flag in support of athletes in the 2018 Winter Olympics. Fans spoke about interest in certain olympic sports.  Remi Marchessault brings you the report. Read more
SkedNOW February 9
Zach Weiler brings you the top stories for today.  Check out our live cast at 2:30 pm. Read more
Entertainment, February 8th 2018
Check out our entertainment segment from our daily cast from February 8th, 2018. Read more
5 Valentine’s Day ideas for you and your date
Valentine’s Day is coming up, and you haven’t planned a thing. You suppose you can always get your significant other with flowers and chocolate, or a reservation at their favourite restaurant, but calling that a surprise is a bit of a stretch, don’t you think? Don’t fret! Here are... Read more
A step in the professional direction
The second semester is in full swing, which means those who are graduating are starting to think about getting their foot in the door when it comes to being a “real” adult and working in the real world. The last two days at Humber Lakeshore, in the first floor... Read more