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Humber grad in Mississauga mayoral race
Scott E.W. Chapman may be young, but he is not inexperienced.  With little political background, Chapman says he still has a lot to offer as a mayoral candidate for the Mississauga election.  As a recent graduate from Humber College, he understands student debt and the fight to finding a good... Read more
Up to this point in the Toronto mayoral race, subway expansion has taken the spotlight for improving the city’s infrastructure. Although the transit system is in need for improvement, experts in Civil Engineering say water infrastructure and infrastructure investment are issues that should be addressed more by mayoral candidates during the election. Read more
Mayoral candidate differentiates himself from Ford
Robb Johannes doesn’t like using the word ‘fringe’ to describe his candidacy for mayor of Toronto. But as a lesser-known candidate, he recognizes that he needs to work that much harder to reach voters, which is why the “Robb Not Ford” campaign came about. Read more
18 year old running for Mayor of Toronto
Morgan Baskin's campaign to be Toronto's mayor is an irresistible endeavour. "I couldn't answer the question 'why not?' anymore," Baskin says. Read more
Skedline reporter Adam Jonsson and videographer Brad MacDonald covered Olivia Chow's official announcement of her mayoralty candidacy Thursday at a St. Jamestown church. Read more
After a chaotic meeting Ford now ‘Mayor in name only’
Toronto Mayor Rob Ford's budget and powers were curtailed in a chaotic meeting at City Hall, that saw the city's top elected official effectively reduced to Mayor in name only. Read more
Near-unanimous votes stripped many of Mayor Rob Ford's powers on Friday, as regular city council proceedings were interrupted by two special meetings to address Toronto's continuing leadership struggles. Read more
Mayor Rob Ford told reporters at City Hall Tuesday he has smoked crack in the past year. Councillors respond to the revelation. Read more
Mayor Rob Ford admitted to the media today that he has smoked crack cocaine. Read more
Mayor Rob Ford says he won't step down despite the revelation from police Chief Bill Blair confirming the existence of a video, which appears to show the mayor smoking crack. Read more