Skedlive Thursday Oct. 13 2017
Skedlive cast for Thursday Oct. 13 with Elle Cote, Victoria Caister, and Greg Philion. Skedlive is the web cast produced for the by students in the third year of the journalism degree program at Humber College. Read more
Brampton fire takes three lives
Host Bernadette Vina breaks down the major headlines making the business news this valentine’s day. Read more
Prime Minister Stephen Harper shook hands with Toronto Mayor Rob Ford on Sunday signifying the federal government’s support for the city’s Scarborough subway extension plan. No specific information was announced in regards to the federal government’s funding towards the project until Monday when federal Finance Minister Jim Flaherty confirmed... Read more
Finance Minister Jim Flaherty confirmed the federal government’s support of the Scarborough subway expansion today at a press conference. The promise is supported by the $660 million that will be provided for the city to fund the project. Read more
Where the Truck can they go?

The recently started pilot project for food trucks in Toronto is now allowing the city streets to become friendlier for these mobile businesses.

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In the parking lot of the Toronto's Sony Centre, groups of people stand and eat while others mill from one brightly coloured food truck to the next.

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Food Trucking in Vegan Style

Cindy Thomson and her husband Chase, run karma ChaMEALeon, Ontario’s only vegan food truck.

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Despite the fact they are not 'bricks and mortar' businesses, health and safety regulations for Toronto's food trucks are on-par with their permanent site counterparts.

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Headed West – jobs in the oil and gas industry

The cost of gas isn’t the only thing going up in Canada’s oil industry, the rush to get rich quick is also steadily on the rise.

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