Tory wins second mayoral term in a landslide sweep of Keesmaat
By Alex Figliomeni, Lucas Laporta and Clement Goh After a much anticipated announcement, John Tory has been re-elected in the 2018 Toronto mayoral election. Jennifer Keesmaat arrived at her venue and was greeted by a long round of applause. The atmosphere was a vibrant and loud crowd as they chanted... Read more
Toronto Municipal Election
John Tory Re-Elected: Live
Sarah Larke reports live reaction to John Tory’s re-election as Mayor of Toronto. Read more
Trustee candidates fight for better schools in ward 3
By Liam Harrington and Justin Field The Toronto District School Board is in a difficult situation. The board face serious challenges such as overcrowded schools, crumbling infrastructure, and students are getting the best education possible. It is up to the school board trustees to solve these issues, but... Read more
Ward 2 elections and everything you need to know
By Vanessa Gomez and Naila Tahir A part of the west side of Toronto, known as Etobicoke Centre or the new Ward 2, covers an area between Highway 427 to Dundas Street and from Weston Road to Centennial Park Boulevard. The new Ward 2 is  a combination of  old... Read more
Time for New Blood in Ward 3?
By Sarah Larke, Katia Sist and Cassandra Turco As voters head to the polls today, residents in the Etobicoke-Lakeshore area have voiced concerns about issues in their community. “Lakeshore is a mess,” said resident Daniel Pacitto. “They need to clean up the waterfront.” Pacitto, who lives in Mimico,... Read more
Etobicoke’s bike safety rings a bell for Toronto’s 2018 election
Skedline Reporters Clement Goh and Lucas Laporta travel through the busy roads of Etobicoke-Lakeshore to learn about Vision Zero, a plan designed to strengthen relationships between cyclists and vehicles. Read more
Town Hall looks for solutions in Etobicoke’s transit
Neighborhoods from Toronto’s west-end come together with concerns for transit, ahead of outcomes after the city’s 2018 election. Read more
Mammoliti Attack on Social Housing Upsets Ward 7
By: Paula Brown and Raven Smith Ward 7 candidates continue to debate the state of affordable housing in the Humber River Black Creek district. “We need to build more affordable housing, there is no question about that,” said long time Coun. Anthony Perruzza. Perruzza and other candidates continue... Read more
No Green Promises: Ward 3 Councillor Candidates Lack Environmental Platforms
Analysis by Breanne Coulter and Tierney Angus From housing to transportation to supporting local businesses, Ward 3 Etobicoke-Lakeshore councillor candidates have priorities outside of the Lakeshore environment this municipal election. 2018 Election Map: Ward 3 // Toronto Elections Etobicoke-Lakeshore is a community directly affected by pollution due to its proximity... Read more