Q & A with HSF Q & A with HSF
HSF is Humber College’s Student Federation. Tim Brilhante is President of HSF is a graduate of the business administration program at Humber and is... Q & A with HSF

Tim Brilhante – HSF President
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Candace Pellew – VP Student Affairs – Lakeshore
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Written by: Jake English, Deanna Grant, Angelica Sydney

HSF is Humber College’s Student Federation. Tim Brilhante is President of HSF is a graduate of the business administration program at Humber and is now studying marketing. Candace Pellew is a graphic design student and is Vice President of student affairs. HSF represents over 27000 full-time students as its’ official governing body.

Q: Why was HSF created?

Brilhante: It is a government mandate any time there is an institution. The students are there to watch out for other students. It provides essential services (like flexible health plans, volunteer crews, a food bank, and bursaries) It helps students in financial need with part time job opportunities and you can become an elected student representative.

Pellew: HSF was founded to help enrich the student life. It is here to provide essential services and leadership opportunities for students.

Q: Are Humber College and HSF affiliated?

Brilhante: HSF is incorporated. We are a professional organization. We have full time staff and part time staff. A lot of students might not make that distinction. We exist as a legal separate entity. We serve and represent our membership. They (Humber College) don’t have any direct say in our operations. They can control the physical space (ex. Offices of HSF.) It’s all contracts. There are agreements in place.

Q: What does HSF do for its members?

Brilhante: We strive towards our mission, which is providing services for students. Our vision is to create the best possible experience and to enrich student life. We want to make sure that everything we do is thoughtful. In addition, there are many social events that students can participate in throughout the year that range from parties, contests, talent shows, and games to massage days, services fairs, marketplaces, and club initiatives.

Pellew: HSF incorporates different services such as dental and health plans. We have different apartments; there is a services team and a communications team that deals directly with the Humber Life newspaper and website. They also deal with the posters that appear around the school.

Q: How does HSF run?

Brilhante: We elect our board of directors and reps. We always ask, what is in it for the students? Every dollar is a student dollar and we do not want to spend money foolishly. Once every three weeks we put forth policy and constitutional changes and recommendations to the board. For example, a new clubs policy was approved to allow many different clubs to be formed. Ercole Perrone and I are the CEOs being held accountable by the board of directors. These board meetings are open to full time students (people who hold memberships.)

Q: What is changing?

Pellew: We have a new clubs coordinator, Victoria Matheson, which is a new position. She travels between campuses meeting with students that are showing interests in different areas. We want to continue that school spirit and positive energy we strive for. A lot of people are interested in clubs. We are pretty successful so for. We want students to engage in them and try new things. We want them to meet new people.

*The rest of the interview was conducted by email*

Q: Who founded HSF?

Brilhante: The students that had previously comprised the Student Administrative Council. Their names are : Toby Warnell, Stephen Anastasi, Monique Raymond, Michelle Alcamo, Bryan Barcelona, Farida Isaac, Ehtesham Ahmed, Cassandra Anglin.

Q: How was it founded?

Brilhante: Negotiations with Humber and then through the filing of all necessary legal papers with the government.

Q: When was it founded?

Brilhante: August 15, 2000

Q: Who was the first president?

Brilhante: Toby Warnell.

Warnell was the President of HSF from June 2000 to May 2001 according to his LinkedIn account. Warnell graduated in 2001 from Humber with a business administration degree.







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