A 9 to 5 job does not exist for Robb; in reality, the twenty-six year old entrepreneur, has successfully established 3 closely...

Entrepreneur (Graphic designer, clothing designer & hip hop artist)
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God’s Sons
Robb’s clothing line
Photographer: Othello Grey

A 9 to 5 job does not exist for Robb; in reality, the twenty-six year old entrepreneur, has successfully established 3 closely correlated ventures: a clothing line, “God’s Sons,” a graphic’s company and is about to release his seventh album: Money, Morals and Love.

“Growing up, I always knew I wanted to achieve more, I wanted to continue to be better and grow. I was always looking for an outlet and a way to make things come true,” he said.

Initially making clothes for him and his friends, Robb launched his clothing line God’s Sons in July 2013. He considers himself to be a jack-of-all-trades in regards to his clothing line; although from time to time, he consults with his friends for ideas and inspiration.

His clothing line features staple pieces like, crewneck sweaters and snap backs. With great timing, due to the season change, he launched a series of items, which included jackets for males and females.

“You are getting a quality brand, getting a piece of my culture, a piece of me and my country,” he said.

Tapping into the right avenues, he found a Canadian manufacture.  His down filled jackets are comparable in quality to Canada Goose and Moncler, for less than a fraction of the price. Robb charges fifty-five dollars for female jackets and sixty-five dollars for male jackets.

With a Canadian manufacture at his disposal, he is able to take a hands on approach in his clothing line. Learning from his friends past experiences, seeing the pitfalls of having overseas manufacturing of clothing, he has been able to perfect his craft.

Producing clothing of the highest quality is one of Robb’s principles in regards to God’s Sons. He stresses that he personally had to feel comfortable in the product before presenting it to the public. Having confidence and the correct functions is important for any designer.

“I run a clothing line, graphics company and I do music full time. When you put in dedication you are bound to see a return.”

Between grade 6 and 7 Robb started rapping and beat boxing with friends. Reminiscing, as if it happened yesterday, about his friend Matthew “Mega” Anthony, who introduced him into the rap scene. Mega taught him the second verse of Notorious B.I.G. (Biggie Smalls) song, “Sky’s the Limit,” Mega taught him the lyrics and how to rap the verse.

“When it came to rapping, I started off with battle rap. What inspired me to do this was, Trixx, a comedian who went to high school with me. He was known to make fun of people in a rhythmic way,” he said.

Embarking on an Ontario wide tour, dubbed the “Live In Concert Tour,” with other, native Torontonian hip-hop artists, G Milla, Sese and Luu Breeze. The tour starts Nov. 8 in St. Catherines and finishes in Toronto.

Canadian hip-hop artists appear to be unfortunate when it comes to being successful within Canada and beyond the Canadian border. Drake and Kardinal Offishall, two mega Canadian artists, have been able to market themselves outside of Canada. Robb thinks he is capable of being just as successful. You can sense the passion and confidence in his voice. He believes that staying consistent, providing a sufficient amount of music, with good quality keeps people satisfied.

“Crack on the Shelf,” his first album debuted in 2004. He designed his own artwork, enabling him to take control of the creative side of things. He has released six albums since 2004.

Robb emphasized throughout the interview, that being persistent is the key to success. You can hear the hunger in his voice and you can see that this entrepreneur is not going to back down anytime soon.

He emphasizes, “For me I’m always trying to grow. With every project I did, I was trying to step it up. It was always the urge to do better.”


For more information of Robb, check out his website at: www.regularrobb.com

God’s Sons website: www.psitsgs.com

Twitter: @RegularRobb

Instagram: RegularRobb







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