This year 44 employers attended Humber College North Campus to inform students of potential job opportunities in various fields. Full-time, part-time, volunteer and internship...

Students at Lakeshore campus will have the chance to find out about summer job opportunities next week during an employment fair.

Thirty employees are expected to attend the fair on Jan. 28 in the L-Building conference room L1017.

A taste of what Lakeshore’s showcase could offer was found at  last week at North Campus during the college’s  fifth annual job fair  where 44 employers were on hand to discuss full-time, part-time, volunteer and internship positions.

2014 Summer job fair at Humber College North Campus (Photo credit: Victoria Williston)

2014 Summer job fair at Humber College North Campus (Photo credit: Victoria Williston)

Ashvini Sriharan, a Humber College career centre employee, and Guelph-Humber marketing student, says  the job fair gives students the chance to talk to potential employers.

“We have  job postings on our website but not a lot of students know about that, and having them [employers] downstairs makes it more available. It just motivates students to go out,”  Sriharan says.

The City of Toronto had a booth showcasing lifeguarding, camp counselling and openings for special needs counsellor positions available throughout the summer.

City of Toronto representative Sat Sidhu says he has spoken to students from the  sports management programs, nursing programs and early childhood programs.

“It helps us get info about our positions out, and helps to get young people who are studying to get into these lines of work to recruit them and let them know what’s out there as well,” he says.

Sidhu says for students thinking of  going to teachers’ college after they graduate, these opportunities would be a good resume builder.

“Our camp leader programs are looking for  graduates of those courses and it’s a good way to apply their skills if they are looking to apply elsewhere.”

For students who are busy with their studies, the job fair is a conveniently located event to attend between classes. For third-year nursing student, Harjot Pummar says looking for a job is like having, “a separate full-time job.

“I don’t have that time, but having these places here gives me a quick review of places that are looking for summer jobs only,” she says.

Victoria Williston