Rob Ford could be off the wagon. Toronto's mayor has admitted he was drinking a "little bit" when he was caught on a video posted...

Rob Ford could be off the wagon.

Toronto’s mayor has admitted he was drinking a “little bit” when he was caught on a video posted on YouTube  today that shows him speaking and cursing in Jamaican patois at a Rexdale restaurant.

Ford’s latest’ admission comes after his public declaration when he said he had quit drinking in a “come to Jesus moment” in November.

The video, taken Monday night at Steak Queen, a Rexdale restaurant, shows the mayor rambling in and out of English, and moving erratically. Ford also speaks of Toronto Police Chief, Bill Blair in a derogatory manner, calling him a “—-sucker.”

This is the second video of Ford. In November, the Toronto Star purchased and published a video of the mayor cursing and threatening violence against an unnamed person.

Earlier today, the mayor’s brother Coun. Doug Ford was asked about the video and he denied it had been shot on Monday, saying he had spoken with his brother that night and maintained the mayor hasn’t had alcohol since November.

“It wouldn’t have been him yesterday, I can guarantee it,” Doug Ford said.

“I’m sure it was him, but it wasn’t yesterday. I haven’t seen the video, but I know it wasn’t yesterday.”

However, late this afternoon, the mayor admitted he had been drinking Monday.

When asked about whether or not the language he used in the video was offensive, the mayor was defensive, saying “no, what I do in my personal life, and with my personal friends is up to me.”

Mayor Ford did not directly answer questions regarding his comments about Chief Blair, or who had been driving him. Ford has admitted to drinking and driving in the past.

Toronto city councillors reacted quickly to the latest Ford video, with many saying the mayor’s actions are offensive and show he continues to have addiction problems.

Coun. Michael Thompson rolled his eyes and shook his head while watching the video. Coun. Thompson said he was  “shocked” and “numb”  and asked for the video to be shut off, saying “I’ve seen enough.”

Coun. Joe Mihevc said he and other councillors are tired of Ford’s distractions.

“This is not behaviour appropriate to the Chief Magistrate of the City,” said Mihevc.

Deputy Mayor Norm Kelly urged Ford to get help.

“I would give him the same advice I gave him in the fall– take a pause,” Kelly said. “Seek professional help. Step down from the office, or just step aside.”

Late Tuesday evening a second video was posted online, showing Ford more relaxed and seated with another man at the same restaurant.


An earlier version of this story incorrectly reported that Mayor Rob Ford did not directly answer a question if he had driven drunk. Ford did respond to that question later in a scrum of reporters when he said “…and no, I didn’t drive drunk.”





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