Do you want to play a game? Do you want to play a game?
  Has curiosity ever taken a hold of you? Have you ever wondered what was going through the victim’s heads when a clever man... Do you want to play a game?


Has curiosity ever taken a hold of you? Have you ever wondered what was going through the victim’s heads when a clever man such as Jigsaw, from the popular horror series, SAW, threw them into a room, locked the door, and said “live or die, make your choice?”

Well now you can without having to worry about losing a limb, or better yet your life with Toronto’s first room escape, ESC-IT.

The creators of ESC-IT are now offering those who want to challenge their mind with a new perspective on what it means to develop critical thinking skills and have fun with your friends at the same time.

The game consists of puzzles and challenges that will stimulate every sense in your body whether it is your sight, smell, taste, touch, or hearing; it will force you to exercise critical thinking and brainstorming skills.

The catch? You only have 45 minutes to think fast, stay on your toes and work with your surrounding teammates.

In teams which consist of two to five people, you have to physically escape the room of your choice by only using your intellectual skills, a creative mind, and impeccable teamwork. You will have to use every clue, riddle, and hint provided to escape the room.

There’s another catch; everything is hidden so you must break your team up and get ready to look under, over, through, on, high and low for whatever seems to be yet another step to freedom.

There are currently eight rooms to choose from all ranging from levels one through five; one being the easiest and five being the most challenging.

Each room has a very interesting way of getting you into the mood of accomplishing the task at hand which is to get out. Backstories, urban myths if you will are created to allow the mind to alter its imagination.

You must search the room, from the ceiling to the floor in hopes of finding hidden keys that will lead you to locked cabinets. Eventually, you will encounter various directional padlocks, combination locks, or a box containing more clues that will greater your odds of solving the mystery.

Each clue requires an immense amount of concentration from each participant but remember, always search for clues in the most uncommon areas. It will further your investigation and  further your way into your chance to escape the room.

There are two locations in which you can test your investigative skills; one in Markham, and the other in the downtown core.

Each room has its own special place in the ESC-IT lobby. Huge white walls are covered in pictures of those who emerge victorious under each heading.


There is, however, one wall dedicated to the ones who were too far from the finish line or, who needed that little extra time; this wall is known as the wall of shame.

Tell me, which wall will you fall under when trying not to fall under pressure?

Sarah Sequeira