Five college student pet peeves Five college student pet peeves
College is a time where you can completely change who you once were in high school. You break out of your shell; you find... Five college student pet peeves

College is a time where you can completely change who you once were in high school. You break out of your shell; you find out who you’re supposed to be as well as find out who you are when it comes to the working world. But with the good, comes the bad and with the bad comes the ugly. You’ll start to see annoyances possibly within your first year, and those will develop into pet peeves. Here are five of the pet peeves that I think other people will be able to relate to.


1. Slow walkers

Slow walkers are everywhere. In your school, in the mall, grocery stores, and many more places. Though this is just one of my pet peeves as a college student, I am probably not the only one who feels this way. Between the 2011 and 2016 census, Toronto population grew by 4.3% and continues to grow into 2018. Toronto is known for being Canada’s largest city and is in the top five most populated municipalities in North America.



2. Long lines

Though I personally I would rather not stand in line for a coffee, or my lunch doesn’t mean that everyone else feels the same! If you’ve ever walked around downtown along Queen Street, you may find people spilling out of stores as they wait for new shoes, fancy treats and more. Some favourite spots that are said to be worth the long lines/long wait times are Planta Burger (an all vegan restaurant), KaKa All You Can Eat (all you can eat sushi) and Queen St. Warehouse (best known for cheap eats and drinks).



3. Laundry

Every week I end up having to do laundry. Every. Single. Week. The real pet peeve(s) that come along with having to do laundry is that: 1. Having to find a bunch of change; 2. Getting over the awkward part of strangers checking out your clothes; 3. It’s hard to find a helpful, clean and friendly looking environment to do your laundry.



4. People who chat during class

There’s always that one kid in your class who never stops talking. But something that REALLY bothers me is the fact that this person never realizes that they are disrupting everyone else’s education. One of the many reasons people end up failing courses is because they don’t pay attention to what is being taught, and if you’re talking, then you are probably not paying attention.



5. Loud neighbours/roommates

During college, you will face many new experiences, and not all of them will leave you smiling, some will leave you banging on your floor, ceiling or walls trying to get your roommates to quiet down so you can sleep!

If you are having trouble with your roommates being too noisy, especially in the late hours of the night, you are entitled to let your landlord know, and they have the tools to make sure that your roommates and any other tenant of theirs will keep the noise level to an appropriate level. But when it comes to your neighbours, you’re welcome to call Bylaw officers. The usual complaint that people have is that their neighbour’s music is too loud. Some information you should know is that playing loud music in residential areas between the hours of 11 pm and 7 am is prohibited.



Kaylee Perkins