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This article contains spoilers for the first 7 seasons of Game of Thrones The new season of Game of Thrones drops on April 14th... April is Coming

This article contains spoilers for the first 7 seasons of Game of Thrones

The new season of Game of Thrones drops on April 14th and fans across the world are anxious to see who will sit on the Iron Throne at the end of the series. While fans have been discussing theories such as Petyr Baelish still being alive all the way to Bran and the Night King being one and the same, Vegas has thrown their own predictions in the ring and released the betting odds. The odds include everyone from The Mountain to Daario Naharis, but the ten characters who have the best chances to sit on the throne all have compelling arguments behind them.


10)  +1600 – Arya Stark

Vegas odds suggest Arya Stark has the tenth best chance to sit on the Iron Throne. According to prominent theories, the most likely way for this to happen would be for the majority of the population to have been killed and Arya takes the throne as Queen Regent for Jon and Daenerys’ child. An alternative theory has her taking the throne as Regent while she raises her child fathered by Gendry.

9) +1400 – Petyr Baelish

Petyr Baelish seemingly died in the finale of Season 7 so why are his odds better than characters like Cersei Lannister? Well, the theory that Baelish has survived has a lot of supporters. To make a long story short, the idea is that the Baelish who was killed was actually a faceless man and the real Baelish is alive in the Vale. While something that seems unlikely, stranger things in Game of Thrones have happened.

8) +1400 – Jon/Dany’s child

While not confirmed, it has been widely speculated that Daenerys is pregnant with Jon’s child. The theory is pretty straightforward, Jon and Dany have a child and because of their bloodlines, it is the true heir of the Iron Throne. The chance of the child sitting on the throne at the end of the series is unlikely, as it would require him to be of age and for his parents to be dead, but it is a possibility.

It Could Happen

7) +1000 – Tyrion Lannister

Tyrion Lannister has been involved in the politics of the throne for much of the show. He also has that Lannister name that carries weight in the realm. He also has the most qualifications as he has been heavily involved in the political landscape. The most qualified candidate however, rarely gets what they deserve in Game of Thrones. He did make a promise to Cersei, which some believe may have been to see her unborn child on the throne, so him serving as King until the child comes of age may not be completely impossible.

6) +1000 – Night King

The Night King would probably be everyone’s least favourite character to end on the Iron Throne but it is a possibility. The scenario for this to take place would be for literally every major character to have been killed and the population of Westeros to have been turned into wights. It’s unlikely, but possible.

5) +750 – Gendry Baratheon

Gendry is the bastard son of Robert Baratheon which would give him a legitimate claim to the throne, but a lot would have to go his way for him to sit there. It would likely involve Dany and Jon both dying, Gendry marrying Arya, and Gendry actually surviving the wars to come. Vegas likes him, but it’s a long road to go for Gendry.

The Contenders

4) +700 – Sansa Stark

Getting to the characters that seem like they have a realistic chance, the first is Sansa Stark. Many theories have Jon and Dany dying, while Sansa raises their child as Queen Regent. Jon and Sansa became closer in the final seasons after defeating the Bolton’s together so her raising is child is definitely likely. The idea of Sansa sitting on the throne is also something that would be in character for her as she has become a much stronger leader and possible contender for the Iron Throne.

3) +450 – Daenerys Targaryen

Since the beginning of the show, Dany has been fighting her way to Westeros and to take back the throne from the ‘usurpers’. Currently, she has the best chances. She has the largest army, (not counting the white walkers), 2 dragons, and powerful allies. The prevailing theory is that she dies in childbirth, but if she manages to survive the wars and isn’t actually pregnant, it would be fitting to have the Mother of Dragons finally claim her throne after 8 seasons.

2) +350 – Jon Snow

Everyone’s favourite Lord Commander Jon Snow has the second best odds and it seems very possible. It’s easy to imagine Jon on the throne. He has a great lineage being half Stark and half Targaryen, but seems like he doesn’t want the throne as he has often been given power and reluctantly accepted. Lord Commander and King of the North were both posts that were thrust upon him, but if Dany dies, Jon would seem the best candidate. He may be reluctant but like everything else, he will accept and do his best to lead.

1) +225 – Bran Stark

Your new king is…. Bran Stark? Apparently, he has the best chances. When you look at the fact that he can basically time travel and see whatever he wants throughout time, it isn’t difficult to see how he could effectively rule Westeros. How Bran would end up on the throne seems like it would take quite a bit to go his way. Dany and Jon would most likely have to be dead. Bran’s powers would help him rule but he would also need good advisers, which would likely see Tyrion as his hand. This is all if he isn’t the Night King of course.

With a month to go until the new season, many more theories are sure to come out and others disproven. All that can be known for sure is that many of our favourite characters will die. With this in mind, it’s possible that a character that isn’t expected to sit on the throne could come out of nowhere and take it.


All odds are taken from Bodog. Animated gifs from HBO.

Matthew Teixeira