Luka Tskhadaia: Hollywood’s impact on post-Soviet audiences’ understanding of mental illness
Luka is an aspiring international student graduating from Humber’s School of Media & Creative Arts. He has always been most fascinated and interested in two things — arts and people. While brainstorming about his final thesis project’s topic, Luka decided to join his two passions, film and psychology, and see what were... Read more
Ria Paul: Let’s talk sex-positive feminism
Ria is an aspiring communications specialist who spends her free time experimenting with new recipes from her favourite cookbooks. She enjoys reading books on psychology, spirituality, and culture – and has taken on a challenge to read at least 10 books this year so she can initiate challenging conversations... Read more
Madi Cyr: The pipeline
Madi is a journalist and writer fascinated with online micro-communities and niche extremist politics. In its most recent form, this interest manifested in the podcast THE PIPELINE: a story of four individuals scattered across the net, each with their own brush with the alt-right pipeline, how they got out,... Read more