Fall fashion trends to keep in mind this season Fall fashion trends to keep in mind this season
Francesca D'Angelo tells us what is trending this fall season! Fall fashion trends to keep in mind this season

It has been a week into fall and we can already feel the chilly weather coming our way.

The autumn morning chill could make deciding what to wear for the day feel like a sport. Since school is mostly in person again, we have to make daily decisions of what to wear. Sometimes we would rather wear whatever is easiest to grab from the closet.

However, this doesn’t mean we have to leave our sense of fashion to the side. If this becomes a daily issue for you, Francesca shares some fall trends for this season to keep in mind while getting dressed!

Francesca D’Angelo is the Fashion Management program coordinator at Humber College. She took the time to research and share with us what is trending this season from an eco-consciousness perspective.

“Along that same vein of eco-consciousness, Gen-Z, upcycling, all filter through this thrift shopping theme, we’re seeing in line with that a return to artesanal goods,” says Francesca.


Faux furs and statement pieces

The power of a suit



Not only has Barbiecore made a comeback, but it has also made an impact by proudly showing femininity and vanity without being scared to get stereotyped as the weaker sex.

Fluorescents colours

Rosana Vinoles