Toronto reacts to Mahsa Amini’s death Toronto reacts to Mahsa Amini’s death
Mahsa (Jina) Amini was murdered by police for wearing her hijab ‘incorrectly’ on Sept. 16 in Tehran, Iran. “Jina’s body is a living wound... Toronto reacts to Mahsa Amini’s death

Mahsa (Jina) Amini was murdered by police for wearing her hijab ‘incorrectly’ on Sept. 16 in Tehran, Iran.

“Jina’s body is a living wound of entangled discriminations, a wound on my body, on ours. An open wound on the body of the street,” Feminists for Jina said.

The murder of Amini has caused outrage worldwide. Multiple protests have occurred in Toronto since the murder happened a few weeks ago.

Photo of hundreds of protestors filling the streets in Toronto. The photo is taken from up high, from a balcony. It is daytime and sunny.

Toronto protest supporting Iran Photo credit: Twitter @avakinoltd

Amini’s death has become another movement for women’s rights in Toronto. A protest called ‘Woman, Life, Freedom,’ took place on Oct. 2 in Nathan Phillips Square to support Iranian women and their rights. Another protest took place in Dundas Square on Sept. 23, and again on Sept. 29. A group of students at the University of Toronto have protested as well. The rally was organized by Maryam Fashandi, an Engineering PhD student at UFT, and was joined by both students and faculty.

A pink poster with drawings of protestors holding signs and megaphones. The text reads "Be Iran&squot;s voice; Yonge and Dundas September 29th 6:00 pm. The women&squot;s liberation is not over."

Yonge and Dundas protest Photo credit: Twitter @inisrahs

Iranian women in Toronto have been responding to the murder of Amini by burning their hijabs and cutting their hair at protests.

The fight for women’s rights has already been in motion prior to Amini’s death. Multiple protests for women’s rights took place in Toronto this past year. Humber College held its seventh protest called ‘Take Back The Night,’ on Sept. 29. The annual protest was in solidarity with sexual violence and sexual harassment victims. On International Women’s Day, a protest called “The World is on Fire – We Are Rising,” had women marching on busy downtown streets for their rights.

Protestor stands with their fist in the air and their face seems to be in mid-scream. The protestor is in a group with other protestors. It is daytime.

Protestor Photo credit: Twitter @Lproctorphoto

The gathering of communities, Iranian and non-Iranian alike, has been incredibly moving. The City of Toronto has stood up against the violence and control of women. However, it does make you think, “Will this violence ever stop?”

Protestor stands in a crowd holding a sign reading "How many more lives?" With red handprints painted on. The sun seems to be setting.

Protestor in Toronto Photo credit: Twitter @Lproctorphoto

The protests have been bitter-sweet. Seeing people come together in such a strong way is wonderful, but it means something horrible has happened yet again to an innocent woman. Some people have been speaking up, urging the Canadian government to cut ties with the Iranian government. The people want action.

Since Amini’s murder, we are reminded of the cruelty women face worldwide. It is clear the city stands with the women of Iran. The violence may very well continue, but we will keep protesting and fighting for what is right.

The world is still very much on fire. Still, we rise. Mahsa Amini may rest in peace knowing people around the world are fighting for what she stood up against.

Megan Bocchinfuso