Humber Lakeshore campus to get a Starbucks
The siren call of Starbucks will finally reach Lakeshore campus next August with the opening of the new Welcome Centre. Humber College has confirmed a long-term plan for the Lakeshore campus, including a series of new and revised food services that will be integrated into the developments over the... Read more
Biting lady beetles invade Toronto
Swarms of ladybug-like insects are invading Toronto neighbourhoods because of the unseasonably warm weather. “These are not the usual friendly ladybugs we are used to. They’re Asian lady beetles are these guys are a bit more aggressive, especially when it’s a bunch of them,”  says Halina Shudorwitz, owner of... Read more
Canada is Getting a New Cabinet, and It’s Not From Ikea
Hey Canada, you are getting a new cabinet. But before you groan, no, you don’t need a complicated instructions manual to assemble it; you just need to watch the news. Prime Minister designate Justin Trudeau, who spent the days after the election assembling the nation’s new cabinet, will officially... Read more
On Oct. 1, Ontario’s Ministry of Health and Long Term Care cut 1.3 per cent from funding for physician services in the province. This is the third cut of the year and it equates to $235 million being cut from the fees paid to doctors. In total, the Ontario... Read more
Why media’s impact on homelessness matters

“It’s a ‘problem’ that we’re finally talking about,” says Steven Gaetz, the director of the Homeless Hub.

The problem Gaetz is referring to is homelessness. But not everyone views homeless people as a “problem.”

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Suffering in silence: An inside look at Canada’s stance on violence against women
As it stands in Canada, currently 15, 000 women each year are being turned away from emergency shelters as they attempt to escape the hands of domestic violence. According to the Auditor General Bonnie Lysyk’s 2013 annual report, this means that 56% of women requiring help are being turned... Read more
Miscalculation costs Catholic school teacher-librarians their jobs
Elementary teacher-librarians will soon be off the shelves at one Toronto school board. The Toronto Catholic District School Board (TCDSB) is looking to cut 45 full-time teacher-librarians as part of a larger staffing overhaul to combat an almost $17 million budgeting shortfall – caused by an accounting error. Oddly... Read more
How physical activity can help combat depression
When you are feeling down, you may have been told to exercise – but does this actually help? While working out, stress levels tend to decrease while energy levels increase, and the body begins to release endorphins, aiding in the battle against depression. One of the reasons why physical... Read more
How the Accessibility Act is integrated in Ontario’s colleges

The Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) provides opportunity for those who are being overlooked. As stated on the AODA website “[The Act is used to] achieve accessibility for Ontarians with disabilities with respect to goods, services, facilities, accommodation, employment, buildings, structures and premises.”

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‘News Now’ Day in the Life
The Bachelor of Journalism program at Humber College introduces students to the daily hustle of a digital newsroom in their third year ‘News Now’ class. Skedline is a student-run news website that produces live online newscasts and publishes original content to the web. Find out what goes on behind... Read more