Timeline: Rob Ford’s Life
Toronto’s former mayor, Rob Ford, passed away today after a battle with a rare form of cancer. There were reports Ford was put into palliative care yesterday after his tumors were no longer responding to chemotherapy. Known for his scandals and tax-payer friendly politics, Ford’s death comes as a... Read more
The Best Professor I had In Journalism School.
The closest thing I have ever experienced to war reporting in journalism school was covering the Rob Ford scandal during the first year of college in 2013. As a student journalist with a knack for politics I was drawn to the twist and turns of the Ford scandal. It... Read more
5 Books That Talked About The Rise And Fall Of Rob Ford
Robert Bruce “Rob” Ford was the Mayor for Toronto from 2010 to 2014. He was highly favored by his city as he rose to power and shocked the world through his struggles with drug and alcohol addictions. The books below talk about his life as a conflicted Torontonian and... Read more
Reaction: Humber students and faculty comment on Rob Ford’s legacy
The Face of Fentanyl at Humber Lakeshore
A Student’s Guide To The Federal Budget
So your Netflix payment just bounced and you can’t watch the next episode of Daredevil. What do you do? You budget. Today is the day where Finance Minister Bill Morneau is expected to present how he plans on spending your money. This past election, the Liberal party promised numerous... Read more
Rob Ford dead at 46
Rob Ford’s family has confirmed that the former Toronto mayor is dead at the age of 46. There will be more information on this story on our live broadcast at 3 p.m.     Read more
Drake and Rihanna visit Miami patient in hospital for make-a-wish foundation
By: Tina Njegovanovic  Taking a break from their regular work, Drake and Rihanna visited a local hospital in Miami yesterday to visit Megan, a teenage girl suffering from cancer. Drake who isn’t even on Rihanna’s tour, made a guest appearance while in Miami to sing their new song “Work”,... Read more
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