Entertainment News: March 21, 2016
Skedline reporter Elena Pranjic and video editor Sarah Duong cover your entertainment news now. Read more
Torture Survivors in Canada
Sports news March 21 2016
Sadie Perfetto has your sports headlines for March 21 2016. Videography and visuals by Sabrina Arruda. Read more
Politicians say the darnedest things!
Skedline reporter Riti Mangat and videographer Camyl Buenaventura play a quick game of “guess who?- Trudeau vs. Trump.” Read more
SkedLive: March 17, 2016
Criminal Justice Careers Fair
Host Rachel Clemons brings you the Criminal Justice Careers Fair. Videographer; Laura O’Callaghan   Read more
Toronto Fashion Week – Day 2- Ellie Mae, SELECT, Malorie Urbanovitch, WRKDEPT, and Bustle
By Emily Bongelli Day two of Toronto Fashion Week kicked off on Tuesday March 15, 2016 with eight unique shows throughout the afternoon and evening. Skedline was able to gain access to shows for Ellie Mae, SELECT, Natalie Urbanovitch, WRKDEPT, and Bustle. Here is a sneak peak of some... Read more
Guaranteed Minimum Income in Ontario
Province eyes minimum income pilot in bid to reduce poverty By Tina Njegovanovic The provincial government is looking at implementing Guaranteed Minimum Income (GMI) in Ontario as a pilot project. The project would work to help reduce poverty in Canada, by giving people a basic income that they are... Read more
The Tujia Custom of Cry Wedding
– By Anas Siddique, Akshay Koshy, and Luke Alexander Who are the Kurds? Though the Kurds have existed as a people for hundreds of years, it was only after World War One and the collapse of the Ottoman Empire that the Kurds sought a nation to call their own.... Read more