Small businesses are growing in Canada, especially Toronto, as the city is filled with people with ideas and innovations. However, these small businesses are facing an unsure future. Big chains restaurants are leading and becoming a threat. Many of these businesses are closing down because the struggle that they... Read more
Toronto Silent Film Festival speaks through music
The live music of silent films was the focus of a weekend festival in Toronto. The Toronto Silent Film Festival showed a collection of films from the early half of the 20th Century at the Royal Cinema on College Street on Saturday. The festival’s special guest was Ben Model, a film historian,... Read more
Defined by Spadina Avenue on the East, Dundas on the South, College on the North and Bathurst on the West, Kensington Market has developed into a lively destination. The Market is an old neighborhood and has become one of the city’s most well-known attractions. Located along Augusta Avenue, it features... Read more
Toronto participates in International Pillow Fight Day 2015
Skating party with MP Andrew Cash at Dufferin Groove
Lunar Festival 2015 at Harbourfront Center
Take a tour at Canadian International Auto Show 2015
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Toronto 10th Annual ICEFEST 2015
University professor granted leave after anti-vaccination controversy
CANADA (REUTERS) – A professor who has come under fire for teaching anti- vaccination materials at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, Melody Torcolacci is stepping down for the rest of the term. Torcolacci has been granted leave from the teaching of HLTH 102 after students in her class complain... Read more