Egypt could release Mohammad Fahmy within hours
DOHA (REUTERS) – Canadian-Egyptian journalist Mohammad Fahmy could be released within hours, reported by Al Jazeera English on Tuesday. Al Jazeera and CNN television producer, Mohammad Fahmy was sentenced to between seven and 10 years on charges last June. Refers to the now-outlawed Muslim Brotherhood, Fahmy’s charges including spreading... Read more
Canadian foreign minister John Baird resigning
OTTAWA (REUTERS) – Canadian Foreign Minister John Baird announced that he was resigning on Tuesday after 20 years in politics. Baird said he would step down as Member of Parliament in the weeks ahead. Baird’s move leaves the Conservative government lack of a senior figure in the run-up to... Read more
CBC says no to international interns
Failing a job interview because of limited ability is one thing. Being rejected at the beginning of the application process because of your nationality is another story. “I’m very frustrated now,” said Arieshadella Irwantini, a third year Journalism student at Humber College. “It is like the effort I’ve devoted doesn’t... Read more
Affordable housing for Toronto’s students
Torontonians will go to the polls to select the city’s new mayor on October 27. In this highly competitive municipal election, the issue of student expenses has been desperately absent from the headlines and hardly discussed by the mayoral candidates. Toronto has a massive growth of student population and... Read more
Social networking for the new international students
To welcome over 3,000 new international students to Humber this year, International Center come up with event International Student Meet and Greet. “We are inviting all the new international students to come up and meet our staff, ask questions they might have about Humber,” said Kristina Mathias, International Student... Read more