Farming future may be safe despite study’s findings
Students studying agriculture may be hired faster than students studying other life science degrees. The 2015 Sector Report, released by Life Sciences Ontario (LSO),  says the unemployment rate among science grads going into the private sector sits at about 18.9 per cent. “As the government becomes more fiscally restrained, the opportunities in... Read more
Is infrared tech ready for the consumer market?
If you’ve ever felt unsafe walking to your car at night, infrared technology may be for you. Using infrared (IR) in products is not new, but the push to have it in the consumer market is. The FLIR One is one of the first infrared sensors aimed at the... Read more
New Canadian pair is “feeling good” despite rocky start
Taking on the figure skating World Championships as a new skating pair is a bold move. Especially when you’re up against some of the world’s best teams, not to mention, the undefeated Canadian pair who won gold for their short program at World’s, Meagan Duhamel and Eric Radford – who have trained for... Read more
Inside Kitchener-Waterloo’s threatened Out of the Cold homeless programme
As I made my way towards St. Matthew’s Lutheran Church located in the heart of downtown Kitchener, I found myself thinking about the handful of times I had been there. Just under six years ago, I briefly volunteered for Out of the Cold (OOTC), a programme that feeds, provides... Read more
SkedNOW February 23, 2015
Filmmakers prove you can live on Bitcoin alone for 30 days
When they set out across America, Scott Glass and Lee Poichuk weren’t sure if they could trade invisible money for haircuts, rock climbing sessions, and a bong. Travelling through 40 North American cities in 30 days, the two Torontonians wanted to see if they could survive 100 per cent off... Read more
Toronto start-up creates a fun climate change video game
Climate change games like Fate of the World and Plan it Green have had a tough time being both informative and fun. Better Creative, a Toronto start-up is confronting this challenge with their video game, Skyshapers. A game involving a jet-packed bird, whose job it is to clean up... Read more
Humber’s G-building to reopen as new entrepreneur centre
After three decades of having its doors closed, the G-building at Humber College’s Lakeshore campus is projected to reopen in January 2016. HumberLaunch, a program geared at helping students improve their entrepreneurial skills, will have a presence in Humber’s new initiative to turn the empty space into the new... Read more
HSF wants to subsidize unpaid internships
The Humber Students’ Federation (HSF) is researching methods to subsidize the unpaid internships for students at Humber College. Aside from unpaid internships being an ongoing discussion in the media, students and industry professionals are putting the heat on employers and post-secondary schools to get involved. “Students have a hard... Read more
Lakeshore Campus parking crush drives search for more lots
Humber College is cramped to find room for new and returning students who wish to park near campus. Along with limited parking along residential side streets, time restricted spots along Lakeshore Blvd. also make it difficult for students to find convenient parking spots. Not only this, but local residents... Read more