Humber students attend Equity Workshop for discussing Islamophobia
Humber College held an Equity Workshop to educate students on the importance of diversity and inclusion on Nov. 27. Skedline’s Dani Monterroso and Aswin Nair report. Read more
“Funny Bones” cafe fights stigma on play for well-being of Humber students
Play is for people of all ages and includes anything from participating in outdoor activities and sports, doing arts and crafts, to playing board games. Skedline’s Aswin Nair and Dani Monterroso reports on where some Humber students are going to find their playful side. Read more
Study abroad students attend pre-departure session on campus
Every semester, select students from Humber College embark on an experience that requires them to move out of their comfort zone and go study in a completely different country. This is their semester abroad experience. While the students are preparing to move to their destinations for Winter 2024, The... Read more
Hispano Club at Lakeshore could help create community, Humber student says
National Hispanic Heritage Month celebrates the cultural success and contributions of Latin Americans within North America. Humber-Lakeshore students of Hispanic heritage have no club on campus to commemorate and celebrate this important time for them. The lack of Hispanic culture and heritage representation within the Humber community has left... Read more
LGBTQ+ resource centre hosts therapeutic QRAFTY events for Humber
Humber’s LGBTQ+ resource centre hosts events throughout the year to create a safe space for students of the community to come together in a fun and creative way. These events help students to make friends, be themselves and have fun while promoting inclusivity and shedding light on the talents... Read more
Suicide awareness needs prevention not reaction, professor says
TRIGGER WARNING: This story contains triggering content and talks about suicide. Viewer discretion is advised. September is Suicide Awareness Month. With classes starting in full swing, Humber students and faculty are taking some time to take care of themselves. Humber offers counseling services and 24/7 community support for anyone... Read more