Toronto Municipal Election
Humboldt bus crash: A developing story
Saskatchewan’s Ministry of Justice announced Monday morning that one of the players from the Humboldt Broncos junior hockey team was misidentified by the coronoer after a bus collided with a tractor-trailer, leaving 16 people dead and 13 others injured on Friday evening. They were on their way to a... Read more
Fischer in a bath towel on LIVE TV
Actress Jenna Fischer from the hit television show ‘The Office’ was seen wearing a bath towel during her interview on Jimmy Kimmel LIVE last night. A wardrobe malfunction involving a broken zipper on her dress was the cause. Jenna Fischer showed up to her Jimmy Kimmel interview wearing nothing... Read more
Pride Toronto says no to police marching in parade
A statement was issued last night from Pride Toronto asking Toronto police officers to refrain from marching in this year’s Pride Parade. Their reasoning for issuing this statement was that they believe that police are not supportive of their community. They also believe that the police’s involvement in the... Read more
Weather | March 27
Skedline’s Elena Maddalena De Luigi covers the weather. Read more
Trending | March 27
Skedline’s Elena Maddalena De Luigi covers today’s Twitter trends. Read more
Clubs at Humber
Join the club! Ever heard that line before? Well, you’re in luck. Humber has a multitude of co-curricular clubs that you can take part in. Click here for the full list. See one that catches your eye? Sign up! Think you want to start your own club? Click here. Read more
College students seek treatment for depression and anxiety
An increasing number of American college students are seeking professional treatment for their mental health, while the country’s college campuses are experiencing an unprecedented demand for counselling services. The average age for people to get mental health issues is the early 20’s. According to an annual report done in 2015... Read more
International Day of Happiness
Need an excuse to be happy? Well, today’s your day because it’s International Day of Happiness. Here are a few tweets to get you inspired: 5 HAPPINESS TIPS: 1. Keep love in your heart 2. Look on the bright side 3. Remove expectations 4. Count your blessings 5. Let... Read more
Five budget friendly savings for students
Calling all students! Do you need some fresh ideas for your Friday nights out with your friends? Don’t fret, here are a few: Comedy bar Evening films at Toronto reference library LIVE nights at the ROM Get back to childhood favourites Take a ghost walk For more ideas on... Read more