Explainer: why we mark Remembrance Day on Nov 11
In many countries around the world, November 11 marks a day of commemorating the fallen soldiers who died in the first world war and subsequent wars that followed. On Monday, Nov. 11, 1918 at 11 a.m. the Treaty of Versailles was signed, bringing an end to World War I,... Read more
Fatal shooting on ‘Rust’ set raises questions on gun safety in film industry
A shooting on a movie set in New Mexico that left one person dead and another injured has prompted the film industry to ask whether the use of real weapons during production is necessary, or safe. The incident happened on the set of the movie, ‘Rust’ when actor Alec... Read more
Canadians look back on job switch forced by pandemic
As the pandemic nears its end, many Canadians are looking back at career changes they were forced to make in 2020 as thousands were forced out of their jobs and industries were put on hold, with many smaller businesses ultimately closing permanently. On March 24 of last year, Prime... Read more
After vaccine requirements, restaurant staff face customer complaints
Ever since the proof-of-vaccine policy was implemented in Ontario on Sept. 22, staff at many establishments have been dealing with backlash from the public. Hosts and front of house staff are the first to deal with upset and difficult customers. “I only recently started working at a restaurant, so... Read more
Journalists take united stand against online hate
Canadian journalists are coming together to take a stand against online hate and discrimination. On Oct. 5 the Canadian Association of Journalists released a statement on behalf of a large group of media companies to support journalists who have been targeted online. This statement was released in response to... Read more
Safety a major concern after sexual assault reports at Western
Warning: This piece includes descriptions of sexual assault. During the weekend of Sept. 10, social media reports circulated that more than 30 students at Western University were sexually assaulted and/or drugged at a first-year residence. The issue of female safety on university and college campuses remains a major concern.... Read more
Struggling worker skeptical Trudeau will follow through on campaign promises
On September 20, Canadian citizens re-elected a Liberal minority government. While this came as a surprise to some, Tasin Ibrahim, a restaurant worker in downtown Toronto, said it was something he expected, but he has a lot of questions about what is to come next and how the government... Read more
Gen Z looks to federal parties for an economic lifeline
In 2020, the Liberal Government implemented a number of programs to help Canadians remain financially stable during the pandemic — but many do not believe it was enough. With election day coming up, one Canadian citizen, 23-year-old Tasin Ibrahim is considering all his options when looking for a candidate... Read more
‘Pandemic Puppy’ trend feeding irresponsible breeders

The increase in demand for pets during the pandemic has pushed people to breed animals irresponsibly in order to create an easy income.

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International students remain in Canada due to Travel Restrictions
On January 29, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced that major airlines in Canada have suspended their service to sun destinations in the Caribbean and Mexico. This left thousands of international students stuck in Canada and away from their families. Skedline’s Emma Harris has the full story. Featured photo by... Read more