Rookie Review: Playoff Special – Leafs
It’s playoff season so here’s a special on the Toronto Maple Leafs. They lost game one last night in Boston, but there’s a lot more hockey to come. Apr. 13: Playoff Special – Leafs Read more
Rookie Review: Short and sweet, but the playoffs will be the opposite
Here’s this week’s Rookie Review update. It’s short, but it’s there. Apr. 6: Short and sweet, but the playoffs will be the opposite Read more
Rookie Review: Less players means more wins? I’ll take it
Here’s today’s Rookie Review! Mar. 16: Less players means more wins? I’ll take it. Read more
Rookie Review: Blue Jays are back
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Rookie Review Feb 16: We’re going streaking!
Here’s the Rookie Review post for Friday, February 16. We’ve got Raptors, Leafs and a bit of Toronto Rock. Feb. 16: We’re going streaking! Read more
Rookie Review Feb 8: Toronto’s climbing the ladder
Here’s last week’s post on Rookie Review. A little dated, but just as informative. Feb. 8: Toronto’s climbing the ladder Read more
5 things to do in Toronto this weekend
Don’t let the snowy weather keep you inside! Toronto’s got some great stuff to do this weekend. Here are five reasons to get out of bed over the next few days. 1. Shiver Show This winter-themed show combines figure skating, dance and theatre to tell the story of a... Read more
Sports Segment February 8, 2018
Sports update for February 8, 2018 by Rochelle Asuncion Read more
Rookie Review, a blog for us sports rookies
When I was four, my parents signed me up for soccer. They got me a nice pair of cleats, shin pads that were a little uncomfortable, and a jersey in a weird shade of shiny green with a big 4 on the back. At the first game of the... Read more
L-Space art exhibit pushes boundaries
Into You: On the Edge is Humber’s latest art exhibit, showcasing artwork from a group of diverse artists. Curators Alissa Firth-Eagland and Farah Yusuf explain the purpose of the exhibit and the motivation behind the artists’ work. Cenk Papila has this report. Erin Leite is the videographer. The exhibit... Read more