The benefits of yoga for children
Downward dog? Warrior poses? Kids could careless about yoga, but the thing is, they should. Yoga provides not only a physical transformation but also mental stimulation and spiritual growth. Parents are a child’s first teacher and many have begun to educate their children about some of the many benefits... Read more
Animals in India: Entertainment or living things?
Honking horns, halting traffic and scorching heat-this is India. However India is also revered for its animal diversity. Monkeys running through markets and cows sitting in the middle of roads stalling traffic are nothing new to the near 1.28 billion people that call it home. Tourists who visit the... Read more
SkedNOW March 6, 2015

How Dylan became Diana and how with the support of her friends she is facing challenges from society and from her family.

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Humber students plan Oz screening for good cause
Humber College Lakeshore’s Event Management postgraduate students are getting ready to give back to the community. There will be an exclusive screening of the classic hit The Wizard of Oz at the Regent Theatre on March 15. Half of the funds raised will go towards Humber’s College Scholarship Fund... Read more
Reaction to Supreme Court ruling on physician assisted suicide
Target’s liquidation letdown
After 22 months of being in Canada, department store giant Target is closing down its stores. Bargain hunters are jamming the stores for the liquidation sale that started today across the country. Student Justin Le Blanc says he is a frequent Target shopper who likes the selection the store... Read more
SkedLive January 23, 2015
The Jonestown Massacre 36 years later
    The Jonestown tragedy in Guyana, South America was 36 years ago on Nov. 18, 1978. More than 900 people died in a mass suicide orchestrated by the leader of the Peoples Temple Jim Jones. This grim day would be also remembered as when the most American lives... Read more