The Changing Canadian Political Landscape.
New polls released this week suggest a stunning change to the Canadian Political landscape. Most politicians disregard polling numbers, the majority of them saying that the only poll that matters is election day. However, new poll numbers released by two different independent data agencies suggest massive changes in Ontario... Read more
Express Bus To Your Education
Just like the Magic School Bus, the 188 Kipling South truly is a magical ride. Let it be known that on this day, the express bus to Humber College Lakeshore Campus embarked on its maiden voyage 7 a.m. The five-stop bus route from Kipling Station to the school was part... Read more
UPDATED: Rob Ford Loses Fight With Cancer
Former Toronto mayor and Ward 2 councillor Rob Ford has died of cancer. He was 46. Ford died earlier today with his immediate family by his side. He had been in Toronto Mount Sinai Hospital since he was admitted last week for palliative care. “With heavy hearts and profound... Read more
The Best Professor I had In Journalism School.
The closest thing I have ever experienced to war reporting in journalism school was covering the Rob Ford scandal during the first year of college in 2013. As a student journalist with a knack for politics I was drawn to the twist and turns of the Ford scandal. It... Read more
A Student’s Guide To The Federal Budget
So your Netflix payment just bounced and you can’t watch the next episode of Daredevil. What do you do? You budget. Today is the day where Finance Minister Bill Morneau is expected to present how he plans on spending your money. This past election, the Liberal party promised numerous... Read more
The Ides Of March Primaries
The last Canadian election lasted 72 days and we complained about the length. In fact, it was the longest election campaign in Canada’s history since 1872. Fast forward to 2016 and our neighbours to the south find themselves in what is being dubbed: “Super Tuesday 3” or my personal... Read more
The Emotional Rollercoaster Of A TTC Delay
This morning a vault fire underground shut down the Yonge-University Spadina line and chaos ensued. According to Toronto City Councillor Shelley Carroll the delay could not have been prevented by better infrastructure. Carroll said via twitter: “This Vault fire was powerful enough to take down whole system & back... Read more
New Hampshire: Explained
Earvin and Sarah are at it again! This time, we explained the New Hampshire primaries and interviewed Skedline staff on their knowledge on the U.S. election. Read more
Iowa: Explained
South of the border, Iowans begin the nationwide process of choosing a new president in the U.S. general elections. Skedline reporter Earvin Solitario and videographer-editor Sarah Duong explain the U.S. presidential primary system. Read more
Forcillo Trial Onto The Next Phase After Jury Verdict
Toronto Police Const. James Forcillo did not have much to say after his guilty verdict of attempted murder was read out in court Monday afternoon, his lawyer Peter Brauti said. Brauti told the media outside the Superior Courthouse at 361 University that he and his client had spoken about... Read more