The Forcillo Trial
Today, Skedline reporters Sarah Duong and Earvin Solitario were present at the Ontario Superior Court where Toronto Police officer James Forcillo stands trial for the death of Sammy Yatim. Yatim was shot by Forcillo onboard a TTC streetcar in July 2013. Forcillo is facing second degree and attempted murder... Read more
Toronto Budget Highlights
Toronto Budget Chief Gary Crawford outlined some of the key features for the operating budget for the 2016 fiscal year. Some of the recommendations are increasing the funding for Toronto’s anti-poverty reduction plan and increasing the city’s property tax to 1.3%. Earvin Solitario and videographer Sarah Duong reports on... Read more
Prime Minister Trudeau Lands In Manila
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has landed in Manila, Philippines to take part in the APEC Summit. This comes immediately after his attendance at the G20 Summit in Turkey. APEC is a multi-national organization of countries surrounding the Pacific Ring. This year’s summit is hosted by the Philippine President Benigno... Read more
Canada is Getting a New Cabinet, and It’s Not From Ikea
Hey Canada, you are getting a new cabinet. But before you groan, no, you don’t need a complicated instructions manual to assemble it; you just need to watch the news. Prime Minister designate Justin Trudeau, who spent the days after the election assembling the nation’s new cabinet, will officially... Read more