Humber College mood walks promote mental health
A new mood walk program is helping promote mental health at Humber College. Mood walks are walks which are held in the arboretum at Humber College North Campus or indoors on campus depending on the weather. They are designed to boost physical activity and help reduce stress, bringing a sense... Read more
Former Blue Jay Halladay expected to enter baseball hall of fame
The 2019 Baseball Hall of Fame inductees will be announced tonight. Mariano Rivera, Edgar Martinez and Mike Mussina are expected to be inducted. With strong support, Rivera may become the first unanimous inductee. Roy Halladay, a former Toronto Blue Jays pitcher who passed away in a plane crash on November... Read more
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Newscast for January 15
Lakeshore ceremony opens Indigenous cultural markers
  The Indigenous cultural markers surrounding the quad at Humber’s Lakeshore campus were opened in an official ceremony attended by Lieut. Gov. Elizabeth Dowdeswell this week. Here is a report by Skedline reporter Fatima Baig and cameraperson Jon Law.   Read more
White Elephant sale rocks at campus fundraiser
Skedline Reporter Fatima Baig and videographer Michelle Ramos attend the White Elephant Sale at Humber Lakeshore. The fundraiser sells gently used items from Humber’s Lost & Found to raise money for the United Way. Read more
Midterm stress: How are students coping?
The stress levels are high this midterm season, but students remain optimistic and open-minded. Skedline reporter Kelsey Mohammed interviewed Humber students about their coping skills and their opinion on Humber’s overall atmosphere. Camera Work: Michelle Ramos & Fatima Baig   Read more