Skedline Cast Jan 22
Rundown of the top entertainment stories. Read more
Trump places new sanctions on Iran after missile strike
WASHINGTON, Jan 8 (Reuters) – United States President Donald Trump said that new additional sanctions would be placed on Iran after the missile strikes. Trump added that the strikes did not harm any U.S troops stationed their and the damage on the base was minimal. Iran fired missiles at... Read more
Bridal party, students among Canadian plane crash victims in Iran
EDMONTON, Alberta, Jan 8 (Reuters) – A newlywed couple that travelled to Iran to get married were among the 63 Canadian killed when their Ukrainian Airlines flight crashed early on Wednesday. All 176 passengers on board the Boeing 737 were killed when the plane crashed shortly after takeoff. Arash... Read more
SIU investigates police shooting  in Peel drug probe
The Ontario Special Investigations Unit is investigating a police shooting in Mississauga on Tuesday night that has left one man in critical condition in hospital.  The shooting took place near the area of Southampton Drive and Eglinton Avenue West near Winston Churchill Boulevard.  Peel Police say the man crashed... Read more
Carbon tax must increase to hit Paris goals, report says
A privately funded group has released a huge report that calls for an increase in the carbon tax by $210 per tonne. The current tax is set at $30 per tonne with a 2% increase that is tied to rising inflation. The Ecofiscal Commission of Canada says the country needs... Read more
Man charged in Toronto feces attacks
A man has been charged in connection with three feces attacks in Toronto. Samuel Opoku, 23, was arrested Tuesday night. He is charged with five counts of assault with a weapon and five counts of mischief interfering with property.  Toronto Police say five people were attacked in three separate incidents... Read more
Ontario teachers work-to-rule enters second day
Ontario elementary and high school teachers have entered day two of their work to rule campaign.  The teachers say months of contract talks with the province have resulted in little progress and members of the Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario and the Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation have said... Read more
After the results:                 The Cross Canada Project – Prince Edward Island
The Canadian election has reached a conclusion with the Liberal Party and its leader Justin Trudeau forming the country’s next government – a minority one. As the country moves forward with these results, it is also time to reflect on how the outcome will affect the future. This is... Read more
The Cross Canada Project  – Prince Edward Island
Elijah Smith is from Charlottetown,  Prince Edward Island and studying political science at the University of Prince Edward Island.  He talks about the issues of concern to him, how family traditions have affect voting patterns on the Island in the past, and how he thinks the election will go. Read more