Humber fashion experts review Oscars red carpet
By Katia Sist The Oscars is Hollywood’s biggest night for awards and the red carpet is always highly anticipated. As the most formal award show, there are high expectations for the gowns on the carpet. However, this year there was a mix of garments that represented personal style while... Read more
Fashion experts critique the Grammy’s red carpet
By Katia Sist There were a variety of looks on the Grammy Awards’ red carpet last night. The Grammys are a celebration of the art that musicians work so hard to create.This event gives each artist the opportunity to represent their creativity through clothes. This year’s red carpet was,... Read more
Drake tips McDonald’s workers $100
By: Katia Sist On the morning of Jan. 30, Toronto rapper Drake tipped two workers at McDonald’s in Los Angeles. A fan in the restaurant Tweeted that she saw Drake at the fast food restaurant saying, “And he gave two female employees $10,000… in cash”. Twitter blew up, but... Read more
Justin Bieber released a clothing line
By: Katia Sist Toronto singer, Justin Bieber has a new clothing line called Drew House, following celebrities such as Kanye West and Tyler, the Creator by turning to fashion. The pop singer released his first collection on Jan. 29. It features many simple and relaxed pieces including hoodies, t-shirts... Read more
Humber fashion experts size up SAG fashions
By: Katia Sist There were many different looks posing on the silver carpet at Screen Actors Guild Awards last night. Although the SAG Awards is not nearly as formal as the Oscars, fashion is a huge part of the celebration. Many outfits had common trends of metallics, polka dots,... Read more
Christmas motivates Humber students as semester ends
By Katia Sist As the fall semester comes to an end, Humber students are trying not to get too distracted by the Christmas spirit. “I just keep telling myself that schoolwork is more important, I need the grades and I need to graduate. Christmas will always be there,”... Read more
A Christmas poll
By Cassandra Turco and Katia Sist Christmas is just a month away, Skedline reporter Cassandra Turco asked Humber students their holiday preferences. Filmed by videographer Katia Sist. Read more
Jimmy’s trendy café brightens Mimico
By Katia Sist The downtown-Toronto based shop, Jimmy’s Coffee brought its trendy café and bright yellow lids to Mimico two weeks ago. “Everyone knows the downtown locations and this seems like it’s the first place completely dedicated to coffee around here,” barista Anna Klein said. “Mimico is a... Read more
Tory supporters are ready for four more years
By: Sarah Larke, Katia Sist and Cassandra Turco Skedline reporter Sarah Larke speaking to Tory supporter Angela Bradley. Filmed by videographers Katia Sist and Cassandra Turco.   Read more
Toronto municipal election: polls closed
By: Sarah Larke, Katia Sist and Cassandra Turco Skedline reporter Sarah Larke after polls have closed and members of the public join Tory’s reception awaiting results. Filmed by videographers Katia Sist and Cassandra Turco. Read more