Celebrate Christmas at Humber’s annual party
Kelsey Mohammed Skedline.com Holiday spirit can be felt all around Etobicoke as Christmas is just over one month away. With the fall semester merely two weeks from its end, it’s time for Humber to celebrate another year with its Annual Staff and Children’s Holiday Party. The party kicks off... Read more
Skedline News for November 22 (Kelsey Mohammed)
 Skedline reporter Kelsey Mohammed has the top news headline stories for the day. Read more
E. coli outbreak in Ontario and Quebec
The Public Health Agency of Canada has issued yet another statement advising Canadians to refrain from eating romaine lettuce in Ontario and Quebec in light of a new E. coli outbreak. This is the third E. coli outbreak in North America in the past year. Currently, researchers at Western... Read more
CBC exclusive:  Child sexual abuse allegations in Winnipeg
An exclusive CBC report says allegations of child sexual abuse have surfaced in a for-profit Winnipeg foster care. CBC reports that the abuse allegations, which involved multiple children, included inappropriate touching and a sex act, were eventually confirmed by child welfare investigators. The biological parent of the children claims... Read more
Back to work for Canada Post
The federal government will introduce back to work legislation this afternoon to get striking Canada Post workers back to their jobs. The Liberal government’s decision to speed up the process comes as November’s end marks important shopping and spending dates for Canadians; think Black Friday tomorrow, Cyber Monday next week,... Read more
A safe haven from the snow
By Kelsey Mohammed Skedline.com On November 15, Etobicoke saw its first snowfall of the season. As the city and country prepare for upcoming months of colder temperatures, slippery sidewalks, and icicles in abundance, Skedline heads to one of the neighbourhood’s most beloved coffee shops to see how business owners and... Read more
Amber Morley on community: senior planning and the environment cleanliness
 By Kelsey Mohammed and Michelle Ramos   Humber College Alumni, Amber Morley, is running for a seat in city council with hopes to represent Ward 3; where she was born, raised and still currently resides. The Etobicoke-Lakeshore community has seen a large rise of development over the last... Read more
Culture Days: Exploring Culture at Humber Lakeshore
 By Kelsey Mohammed and Michele Ramos On September 29, Humber’s Lakeshore campus hosted Culture Days which featured family-friendly activities set up by Humber’s Aboriginal Resource Centre. There was live music, dancing, and artwork for sale at Colonel Samuel Smith Park, Humber Lakeshore campus. Humber and the Etobicoke region have... Read more
John Tory is re-elected as Mayor of Toronto
By Cassandra Turco, Katia Sist and Sarah Larke Skedline.com John Tory has won the mayoral race of Toronto’s municipal election by a landslide. “Building on the foundations of the last four years, over the next four years my goal is to make sure no one, anywhere in our city,... Read more
Ward 3 Candidates Meeting: Housing hot topic
By Kelsey Mohammed Skedline.com “Where’s Mark Grimes?” one man in the audience called out, which started a string of murmurs and laughter among the other audience members. Wednesday evening, at the Assembly Hall – Humber Lakeshore campus brought a full crowd of Etobicoke residents for the All-Candidate Meeting. The debate, which featured... Read more