Students restricted from donating blood
Humber and the Canadian Blood Services (CBS) are hosting a blood drive on March 21 and Humber students are being encouraged to give blood and save lives; at least most of them are. A large portion of males in the LGBTQ community are excluded from this clinic and every... Read more
Measles outbreaks on the homefront and abroad
By Liam Harrington   According to the World Health Organization, around 110,000 people worldwide died from the vaccine-preventable disease of measles, in 2017. The resurgence of this communicable disease has only become worse since then.   Right now, here in Canada, 17 cases of measles have been discovered in British... Read more
Sports Newscast for February 13 (with Joey Chini)
Joey Chini discuses the latest in sports news! Read more
Entertainment Newscast for February 13 (with Daniela Ramirez)
Daniela Ramirez with the Entertainment News Read more
TTC: Is the new fare fair?
By Liam Harrington   Last week the TTC released their 2019 budget, and a big part was the announcement of a 10-cent increase in fare. While many riders are upset with the increase, the TTC assures everyone that it’s essential for the TTC to continue running efficiently and so... Read more
Skedline News – Nov. 20
Skedline Reporter Alex Figliomeni reporting the News for Nov. 20th         Read more
Entertainment News – NOV 19
Skedline newscast for Monday, Nov. 12
New Bill Saves the Whales but Might Kill Marine Land
By Liam Harrington Everybody loves Marineland… or at least they used to until people starting saying the captivity of whales and dolphins is cruel. Now the Canadian government is pushing legislation to make the captivity of whales and dolphins illegal. It all started in 2015 when now-retired Senator Wilfred... Read more