Free speech under fire: why men’s rights groups are censored on campus
Universities and colleges are supposed to be institutions of higher learning where ideas, arguments and theories can be freely expressed and debated by students and teachers in public discourse. But when it comes to men’s rights activism (MRA), many student unions consider those groups misogynistic and hateful. One need... Read more
In a child’s best interest: the battle over equal custody parenting
In early 2014, Maurice Vellacott, a Conservative MP for Saskatoon, introduced a bill to amend Canada’s Divorce Act of 1985. Bill C-560 aimed to implement a presumption of equal shared parenting –where the starting point for negotiations between separated parents was to be as close to equal time shared... Read more
SkedLive March 23, 2015
Toronto protests anti-terrorism bill
In a day of action across Canada, hundreds of Torontonians protested the ominous Bill C-51 in Nathan Phillip Square last Saturday. People from all backgrounds attended the demonstration with concerns of the bill’s overreach, granting police and intelligence authorities the power to arrest suspected terrorists with a lower threshold... Read more
#LetsTalkMen ruffles feathers after Women’s Day
The Canadian Association for Equality (CAFE) held a press conference today and launched their campaign to raise awareness for male victims of domestic violence with a newly purchased billboard in Toronto. The billboard, located at the corner of Davenport Rd. and Bedford Rd. says that half of domestic violence... Read more
Is Ontario’s sex-ed campaign sexist?
Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne launched a $41-million multimedia campaign to end sexual violence and harassment last week, focusing on changes to legislation that would properly deal with the prevention and treatment of sexual assault victims. The campaign, “It’s Never Okay”  produced a YouTube video ad entitled #WhoWillYouHelp, painting a picture... Read more
Absolute Power: Who creates money and why it matters
There is an ongoing court case against the Bank of Canada (BOC) that has been bringing much needed attention to Canada’s monetary policies. William Krehm and Ann Emmett, co-founders of a small pressure group called the Committee on Monetary and Economic Reform (COMER), filed a lawsuit in December of... Read more
Skedlive Update: York U Tunnel Press Conference Recap
Home owner president resigns over dog leash debate
A dispute over a dog-leash by-law has a Mississauga homeowners association president saying he’s stepping down. Dudley Briggs, Orchard Heights Homeowners Association (OHHA) president resigned yesterday amidst a board decision that ruled against their direct involvement in enforcing community by-laws. The decision came after a recent OHHA board meeting,... Read more
TD housing report addresses underlying challenges
The Greater Toronto Area (GTA) has enjoyed over a decade long financial boom in the housing market, but according to a new TD Economics report, Torontonians are still facing some hurdles as they look for places to live. Specifically, the report shows a rapid decline in housing affordability, a... Read more