Kyle Drinnan: Africa enters ice hockey Golden Age
My name is Kyle Drinnan and I am an international ice hockey reporter who has done stories in every continent around the world. I was introduced to ice hockey as many Canadians have at a young age. I did everything that was your stereotypical youth hockey player with 5... Read more
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Jason Spencer: An exploration of AI tools and automated content in Canadian journalism
Jason Spencer is a graduate of the Bachelor of Journalism program at Humber College in Toronto. Before returning to school to upgrade his journalism diploma to a degree in fall 2021, he was a reporter at his hometown paper, the Mississauga News, from 2012-17. He also completed academic internships at the... Read more
Maria L. Pimentel: Influence of the COVID-19 pandemic on non-verbal communication 
Maria Lorena Pimentel is a Panamanian journalist with a love for everything art and culture related. Maria recently graduated from the Bachelor Degree in Journalism at Humber College and is currently working as a Public Relations Coordinator at VOCAB Communications. As an avid reader and journalist, Maria has always... Read more
Jeremy Honess: Political rhetoric – a dubious second language
Throughout my time at Humber College, I found myself accidentally pigeonholed into covering issues on municipal politics. This inevitably led to me having lots of interviews with city councillors which got me thinking about their approach to how they responded to questions. What bothered me the most was their non-committal... Read more
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