Luka Tskhadaia: Hollywood’s impact on post-Soviet audiences’ understanding of mental illness
Luka is an aspiring international student graduating from Humber’s School of Media & Creative Arts. He has always been most fascinated and interested in two things — arts and people. While brainstorming about his final thesis project’s topic, Luka decided to join his two passions, film and psychology, and see what were... Read more
Ria Paul: Let’s talk sex-positive feminism
Ria is an aspiring communications specialist who spends her free time experimenting with new recipes from her favourite cookbooks. She enjoys reading books on psychology, spirituality, and culture – and has taken on a challenge to read at least 10 books this year so she can initiate challenging conversations... Read more
Madi Cyr: The pipeline
Madi is a journalist and writer fascinated with online micro-communities and niche extremist politics. In its most recent form, this interest manifested in the podcast THE PIPELINE: a story of four individuals scattered across the net, each with their own brush with the alt-right pipeline, how they got out,... Read more
SkedLive for Wednesday, April 15
Skedlive for Wednesday, April 7
Skedlive cast Wednesday March 24 2021
Skedlive Thursday Oct. 13 2017
Skedlive cast for Thursday Oct. 13 with Elle Cote, Victoria Caister, and Greg Philion. Skedlive is the web cast produced for the by students in the third year of the journalism degree program at Humber College. Read more
Harper’s advisory troop plan in ISIS fight supported
By Nakshi Pandit According to the most recent poll, a slim majority of Canadians support Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s plan to send advisory troops to Iraq to aid the fight against ISIS, although the debate may heat up in the new session of Parliament that began this week. A... Read more
SkedLive September 16, 2014
Peel Board studies homework ban
Teacher Mai-Liss Tou, with her son Hayden, 4,  says a homework ban could  weaken a student’s sense of responsibility. (PHOTO: Courtesy) By Melis Mevlutoglu Skedline Assigning homework in elementary school and high school may give students moving onto post-secondary a sense of responsibility. Quebec’s elementary school, College de St.... Read more