Former Humber director still has a ‘finger in the game’
Author, critic and former Humber College faculty Antanas Sileika may be a recent retiree, but the Canadian writer is keeping himself more than occupied during his post-career life. Sileika, making an appearance at the Lakeshore Grounds’ Assembly Hall last month for a literary event, read from his second book,... Read more
Photographer focuses on zoo “invisibles”
For most of us, stumbling upon a video of an adorable animal is something we enjoy. However, what if you decided it was your duty to show the world the animals we don’t see? For 41-year old Torontonian Jo-Anne McArthur, this is precisely the case. The photojournalist, author and... Read more
Head, heart and hands: What Indigenous knowledge offers us
Though speaking for only an hour or so, the founder of Trent University’s Indigenous Environmental Studies and Sciences Program, Dr. Dan Longboat, kicked off this year’s Indigenous Knowledge Gathering with plenty for the audience to consider. The annual event, hosted by Humber College, brings together faculty, students, artists, comedians... Read more
The truth about Indigenous school experience
For the second day of Humber’s annual Indigenous Knowledge Gathering, the focus remained on education, but the lens through which we view it changed. With Humber alumnus Christian Quequish and VICELAND’s Sarain Fox as the morning’s keynote speakers, the three-day event shifted to Indigenous youth’s perspective of education. “High... Read more
Wynne appeals to Ontario youth: Get out and vote
While June 7 may seem far away, Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne has “unofficially” begun campaigning for this year’s provincial election, with one of her first stops taking place at Humber College’s Lakeshore campus. Wynne, who made the appearance Friday morning, arrived to a packed room in Humber’s Centre for Entrepreneurship. The... Read more
What’s up Toronto? This weekend’s hottest events
Looking to take a break from your Netflix hibernation? Finally have a weekend day off work? Then here’s your guide to some of Toronto’s most anticipated events for this weekend. Friday, February 16, 2018: #FNLROM: Looking to ponder some gorgeous artwork or break it down on the dancefloor? Why... Read more
Humber College’s study abroad opportunities: Claim your spot now
If you’re a Humber College student longing to travel but can’t take time off school to satisfy it, look no further than Humber’s international opportunities. Offering a variety of destinations and financial aid to help get you there, Humber’s got you! Read on to learn more about the International... Read more
How one store’s candour is building community
If you’re longing for a place that mixes the homey atmosphere of a traditional corner store with modern-day ideals (adding a dash or two of funk in the process), look no further than Old’s Cool General Store. Though nestled away in the city’s east end, Old’s Cool has created... Read more