On Oct. 1, Ontario’s Ministry of Health and Long Term Care cut 1.3 per cent from funding for physician services in the province. This is the third cut of the year and it equates to $235 million being cut from the fees paid to doctors. In total, the Ontario... Read more
Delving into the #pocketdump trend
What do you carry with you everyday? It’s a question most have probably never thought much about. For years, my daily ritual as I crossed the threshold of my home in the morning has been going over my mental checklist: “keys, phone, wallet” coupled with a three pat check... Read more
There will be blood: Six things to love about cycling’s most treacherous race

Six things to know about the gruelling Paris-Roubaix contest

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Ontario cheese makers wary of Canada-EU trade deal

The proposed trade deal between Canada and Europe is supposed to benefit Canadians, but cheese makers aren’t sure yet if that includes them.

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Nick Dasko and Kevin Struikas discuss the legitimacy of eSports.

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Game of drones

The word ‘drone might conjure images of covert special-ops in Afghanistan, but unmanned aerial vehicles — or UAVs — are actually being used here at home for everything from mapping to tracking wildlife populations.

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