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SkedNOW March 9, 2015
University of Toronto teaching assistants on strike
More than 6,000 University of Toronto teacher’s assistants are on strike after they rejected an offer made last Friday. “We are therefore on strike as of now. Members should cease all bargaining-unit work immediately,” the union release reads. The strike comes at a critical time for students at U... Read more
An unforgotten trauma
Homa Nouri: mother, daughter and wife, lives with her five children and husband in Mississauga. Homa raises her children, the oldest being 29 years old and the youngest being 11. She works at the local elementary school as a teacher’s assistant and volunteers at the community mosque on the weekend. Her... Read more
UofT strike deadline approaching
As Unit 3 of CUPE 3902 has reached an agreement with the University of Toronto, there is still no resolution in the negotiations with Unit 1 as a deadline of Thursday at 12:00 a.m. looms. Unit 3, which represents instructors and other staff hired under a contract of less... Read more
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Students face challenges of unpaid internships
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