Humber’s new childcare program responds to staff shortage in Peel Region
Humber is launching a new Early Child Education diploma program (ECE) in collaboration with Peel Region. It will start in January 2024 and will run for 4 semesters, until April 2025. Though the college already has a similar program, this one aims to provide accessible learning for Peel residents... Read more
Construction of Humber’s new cultural hub seeks to make space for the arts

The construction of Humber’s Cultural Hub started early in the pandemic time and it’s still ongoing. However, students still don’t know much about it: when it’s going to be finished? Who funds it and what are they building, anyway? Find out all of these in our newest article!

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Humber’s Sustainability Trail highlights green initiatives, but some say it’s not enough

Recently, Humber presented a new sustainability initiative. How effective has this project been so far? Find out in our newest article!

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Humber takes major role in innovative learning in Bhutan

International collaborations aren’t new to Humber. However, in this project, the college will innovate the complete educational system in Bhutan.

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Humber seeks to push new tech with new program

Recently, Humber launched a new Creative Technologies program. What the course is about and will this education be useful for students in any way? Find all the details in the article below!

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Students continue to feel impact of Lakeshore library closure

The Humber Lakeshore Library, one of the main study spaces for students, has been closed since July and the opening is nowhere near. How it affects students and what the college plans to do about it? Find out in our newest article!

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How effective is no-smoking policy at Lakeshore campus?

Since 2019 Humber had a no-smoking policy. But is it really working?
Check out the article below to find out!

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Fleeing war, Ukrainian family finds safety — and hope — in Canada

There are two sides to every story — including being a refugee. On the one side, there’s sorrow and despair. On the other, new opportunities and hope.

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Students look for schools to take action as anti-Ukrainian hate speech increases at Canadian universities

As the world marks the first anniversary of the Russian invasion, Ukranian students report a rising tide of harassment on campus

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The spread of Russian propaganda in Canada

Wondering how to become more media savvy and not fall victim to disinformation? Experts on Russian propaganda have some suggestions

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