News | April 13
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Is Canada’s new cellphone alert flawed?
The Canadian government is introducing a new mandatory alert system for cellphones, starting April 6. But let’s examine the effectiveness and availability to the public. With the growing importance of cell phones in our day to day lives, Canada is the next country to introduce the text-based early alert... Read more
March 23 – SkedTalk: Today’s news
Skedline reporter Remi Marchessault runs through the top news stories of the day. Listen in to find out more. Read more
The political fallout of Trudeau’s India visit
  Justin Trudeau’s India trip is still in the hot seat as news emerges of a known Sikh “nationalist” who attended the junket, invited by Sikh Liberal MP Randeep Sarai. The gaffe filled trip to one of the world’s emerging economies took off with great optimism and indeed netted... Read more
SkedLIVE Thursday Feb 15
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SkedNow Thursday Feb 15
Remi Marchessault reports on the Olympics, the school shooting in Florida, and an assault in Scarborough Read more
Local Burger joint Woody’s opens new chicken restaurant.
If you walk past 30th street you’ll notice new restaurants popping up here and there that paint a stark contrast to the local food scene only 10 years ago. With Fairgrounds café opening up around 8 years ago with the Empanada Company next door, Long Branch residents and foodies alike now... Read more
Entertainment with Remi
Transit activists gather at City Hall to protest Scarborough subway extension plan
By Remi Marchessault Protesters arrived at Toronto City Hall on Tuesday, December 5 dressed as white elephants calling for an investigation into the costs of Toronto’s Scarborough extension plan. Listen below for an audio report from the protest:   The call for the audit of the extension project was... Read more