Politicians say the darnedest things!
Skedline reporter Riti Mangat and videographer Camyl Buenaventura play a quick game of “guess who?- Trudeau vs. Trump.” Read more
Sophie Grégoire-Trudeau brings Canadian style to DC
For the full story click on link below. http://https://storify.com/ritiM/sophie-gregoire-trudeau Read more
Superbowl Commercial Frenzy
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Ontario government invests $900,000 in the Aboriginal community of GTA
#BellLetsTalk with the Humber Hawks
Skedline’s Riti Mangat and Camyl Buenaventura sit down with the Humber Hawks as they put their full support behind the #BellLet’sTalk initiative. Read more
Biting lady beetles invade Toronto
Swarms of ladybug-like insects are invading Toronto neighbourhoods because of the unseasonably warm weather. “These are not the usual friendly ladybugs we are used to. They’re Asian lady beetles are these guys are a bit more aggressive, especially when it’s a bunch of them,”  says Halina Shudorwitz, owner of... Read more