Humber College community looks to erase stigma around mental health
The Humber College community is looking to erase the stigma surrounding mental health by sparking conversations about the topic. “Just as you would go to the doctor for pain that you feel,  it’s really important to be able to share with someone your journey, to have somebody to support... Read more
Humber College’s Ignite launches pop-up café for Lakeshore students
On Jan. 15, Humber College’s Ignite student union hosted a pop-up café for students at Lakeshore campus. The three day event offered students free customizable Beavertails and hot beverages.  “It’s really all about Mental Health, that we’re really trying to focus on for this kind of event,” says Jeremy... Read more
Humber athletic team partners with the LGBTQ community
By Raven Smith-Grange The Humber Women’s softball team stands proud with their pride. Initiatives featuring the LGBTQ community such as Pride Night hosted by the Hawks Women’s softball team have highlighted the need for LGBTQ spaces within the College’s sports teams. At last month’s event, the softball team wore... Read more
Dropbike initiative pedals to a halt on Humber campus
By Raven Smith The Dropbike cycling pilot has left uncertainty with the College on its possible return since it launched last fall. “They haven’t been brought back this fall yet,” says Lindsay Walker, Manager for the Sustainability Office at Humber College. “It’s not because we don’t want them. It’s... Read more
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