How to be a Toronto vegan
The thought of being a vegan often scares most individuals because you eliminate all forms of meat, fish or animal bi-products from your everyday diet. It is not only a test of will power, but moral dedication as well. There are many positive aspects to maintaining this lifestyle change... Read more
Whole 30 program under question
Fad diets surround us. They consume us through social media, magazines, commercials, and even some health specialists are now recommending for people who are in need to shed a few pounds to try this new and improved way to diet. They are everywhere. Whole 30, on the other hand... Read more
Toronto’s Portuguese community celebrates Carnival
Toronto’s Portuguese community is preparing for another evening filled with the traditions from back home that still make their hearts weak. Dances from Portugal, California and Toronto will make an appearance in the Portuguese cultural community centres across the GTA throughout the entire Easter weekend. Every year, during February and April,... Read more
Do you want to play a game?
  Has curiosity ever taken a hold of you? Have you ever wondered what was going through the victim’s heads when a clever man such as Jigsaw, from the popular horror series, SAW, threw them into a room, locked the door, and said “live or die, make your choice?”... Read more
Sampson-Matthews celebrated in Toronto art gallery
SkedLive March 3, 2015
SkedNOW March 3, 2015
It’s not about the sweeter things in life
Despite the immense amount of research being conducted for diabetes, both type one and type two, nutrition seems to be the way to balance a healthy lifestyle while battling this lifetime disease. Type one diabetes, is when your body does not naturally produce insulin due to the dysfunction of... Read more
Rude E Bones reunites for another bone chilling night
The Rock ‘n’ Roll cover band, Rude E Bones – a group of Toronto boys who’ve gained a loyal following – played a packed house this past Saturday with classic hits from AC/DC, to The Rolling Stones. The band reunited yet again at the trendy pub in Vaughan, Fionn... Read more
Black History Month on exhibit at Toronto high school
Students and staff of the newly renamed Toronto high school Central Toronto Academy say Black History Month is more than just a one month celebration. CTA, previously Central Commerce Collegiate Institute, is in preparation to pay homage by displaying student artwork throughout the school to demonstrate how art can... Read more