First-ever neurodivergent thrift store comes to Toronto
A new thrift store pop-up is happening in Toronto and it is something the city has never seen before. Thriftism is a collection of LGBTQ+ and Neurodiverse vendors that have created an inclusive space for Toronto thrifters. Jaiden Dalbello, owner of Back at You Vintage, has been an online... Read more
New designers make their debuts at Fashion Art Toronto
Fashion Art Toronto (FAT) wrapped up its fall/winter four-day fashion week, showcasing collections from 40 Canadian designers last Sunday, Nov. 19. Designers from previous fashion weeks returned this season, but FAT also welcomed new designers. Among these fresh faces was Sanya Rambally Conklin, founder and designer of Sandy Bottom... Read more
Humber College hosts Unified Basketball tournament to foster social inclusion

A unified basketball tournament where people with and without intellectual disabilities play together was held on Saturday, Dec. 2, at the North Campus gymnasium.

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The Hummm: Episode 3 Toronto Life
Welcome to the final episode of The Hummm, brought to you by the bright student journalists from Humber College’s Bachelor of Journalism program. In this season finale, we explore Toronto’s bustling social scene during the busiest season of the year! Join us on a journey through the heart of... Read more
Humber students push for change in journalism internship program
Students in Humber’s Bachelor of Journalism degree program must complete 420 hours of internship to graduate, but students increasingly say they are struggling with finding a placement and ensuring they are able to continue paying the bills as they complete their hours. Internships happen during the summer between the... Read more
Humber students attend Equity Workshop for discussing Islamophobia
Humber College held an Equity Workshop to educate students on the importance of diversity and inclusion on Nov. 27. Skedline’s Dani Monterroso and Aswin Nair report. Read more
“Funny Bones” cafe fights stigma on play for well-being of Humber students
Play is for people of all ages and includes anything from participating in outdoor activities and sports, doing arts and crafts, to playing board games. Skedline’s Aswin Nair and Dani Monterroso reports on where some Humber students are going to find their playful side. Read more
Study abroad students attend pre-departure session on campus
Every semester, select students from Humber College embark on an experience that requires them to move out of their comfort zone and go study in a completely different country. This is their semester abroad experience. While the students are preparing to move to their destinations for Winter 2024, The... Read more
Longtime instructor Elaine Cerro reflects on nearly two decades of building Yoga community at Humber
Elaine Cerro is a yoga and Pilates instructor at Humber North and Lakeshore campus. She has been teaching in the community for over 18 years. Her classes range from Pilates on a ball to different yoga styles like Hatha and Vinyasa. Cerro started teaching yoga in 2005 and has... Read more
After months of closure, Humber Lakeshore’s library re-opens in time for finals
Humber Lakeshore’s library is now officially open again after over three months of closure. It was initially closed starting July 18 due to the construction of the new Cultural Hub, which was expected to last four weeks, but multiple delays caused the closure to continue until the end of... Read more